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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
I couldn't convince my 20 year old son to go on a photo walk with me today even though it was a balmy 10 degrees and the sun was shinning. I just don't know what it is with kids today 😃 (I think you all know I think Timmothy is the absolute best).Instead of taking a walk we removed the screen to ...
Some of my recent posts have caused you to ask (and me to question) why do you chose to live in such a harsh climate?To be fair the "harsh" part of our North Dakota winter is typically only three months... not all winter long (November through March).You got me thinking. What do I like about wint...
Okay, it's only 6 below but the feels like temperature is 29 degrees below. The point is that commerce still goes on downtown Minot North Dakota. Businesses and business owners do not take a day, week, month or season off due to the cold weather. Thank God the hardy people of the North keep shopp...
SUN DOGSI've written about this phenomena before but it's been awhile and those who have never lived in a Northern climate may not have ever heard of sun dogs before.Sun Dogs, they are bright and beautiful BUT you don't really want to see them. The short story is that they are like little rainbow...
DON'T CALL IT A MASTER!I was listening to a Nationally known Christian talk show on the Christian radio station I love (and often fill in on) and I learned something new. What do YOU call this room when showing a house?Well if you call it the Master bedroom your client may storm out in rage... of...
I would guess that nearly everyone who drives has thought about purchasing an electric or hybrid car. I have. My best friend has a hybrid Honda Prius and I really like it but I've also wondered about a fully electric vehicle.For over a year now or local electric  coop has been reporting on a Chev...
I took this picture yesterday while enjoying the balmy 30 plus degree weather. Obviously I added the Gone South sign.I need to take down and repair or replace the bird house before the new spring occupants arrive. The bird house is special so I'm torn as what to do.Short history on the bird house...
I absolutely had to take this picture yesterday on my photo walk with Timmothy. I wish it was a little clearer. Just in case it's not clear enough the punch line is below. Judging by the yellow snow under the wreath it's not only Santa who stops here. 🙃
Inspired by A. of Ron and Alexandra Seigel recent sky photos I thought I'd share three photos I took today from my neighborhood in Minot North Dakota.I probably should have done a little photo "magic" to show off a bit more color but this is pretty much how it really was. It was a good day for a ...
7-1/2" of snow🙂I seldom pay attention to the weatherman on TV or the radio as they are so seldom correct. So as usual I ignored them last night when they said we were going to receive a lot of snow. To be fair they said and showed us that Minot ND was on the very edge of this front and most likel...

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