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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
 As adult HUMAN beings we are seldom as vocal as the dog in this three strip cartoon (this is strip 2 of 3). If you wish to see 1 of three it is the post Go Home.The Real Estate application I'm going with is: Are you to busy sleeping to jump when your client says jump!Most experienced agents no l...
Early last Spring I had great hope that a cortisone shot into my spine would solve all my problems... it did not. The first couple of days were like a miracle living with NO pain but after that it rapidly came back but oddly enough this time it is/was effecting the right hand side of my body wher...
As far as the picture above, wonder where all those thistles come from, well, here is THE thistle factory.Now here is what is REALLY disgusting.Come on! Graffiti on the Woodland Trail. If anyone should be nailed to a tree it would be the clown who does graffiti on trails made for us to enjoy a li...
Those two words, "Go Home" should be said carefully.The Titus and Philemon cartoon above has nothing to do with our new rescue dog, Baby, as Timmothy wrote this years ago. Baby is home to stay at our home (and Hers).Think of all the contexts that "Go Home" could be. It could be directed at a gues...
Yesterday was work "Catch-up Day" after a brief camping trip (two glorious days at our favorite campground).Today was chore day at home.Our list was long.First of all Timmothy and I had to repair the screen door that Baby (our new dog) could easily walk through. We replaced the entire screen and ...
It’s sad when a person determines early in the day that they are going to have “a bad day”. That being said I think we have all done it at one time or another.These days, when I’m in a funk, I sing (which could ruin someone else’s day). I almost always have Southern Gospel music on the radio and ...
It was a beautiful day in Minot North Dakota today and to add to that beauty a poppy made a GRAND enterance into my garden to show us all what fine art is all about.I did not fulfill my hope of a BIG flowerbed this year but a did make a step towards it with Zinnias and Poppies. I think it may be ...
Every house broken dog I have owned in the past worked well as an alarm clock. I'm not so sure that's the case with the new (8 year old) member of our family.Baby is a sweet gentle dog but after an "incident" with food left on the kitchen counter (a whole stick of butter) we decided to kennel her...
The Minot Lions Club Slothalon is back.For most of my life the thought of being slothful appalled me. Not so much these days as I've aged and mellowed.I am well beyond the days of needing to prove what a magnificent competitor I am (or never was 🙃).The Lions Club Slothalon is a fun way to help th...
While putting together this post I came across this T-shirt and it "fits" perfectly. Misery is all the Rage today.Sad but it's true. Politics may come to mind but even greater is Road Rage. Chances are, if you have been behind the wheel... ever... in the last decade you have experienced road rage...

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