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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
None of the people above are me but I could relate to the guy on the left yesterday as I spent my morning in the hospital for rotatory cup surgery.The 3 or 4 previous months have had a lot of pain in them for me so I was really looking forward to this surgery. When I met with the surgeon a month ...
PASS THE GREASEWe have all heard the expression that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Sometimes we are the wheel and sometimes it's someone we are dealing with during a Real Estate transaction. Rarely there is no squeaking during a transaction as complex as the purchase or sale of Real Estate b...
I've been there many times as I am someone who loves to take short naps. My naps are usually 5 to 20 minutes long and I usually wake up refreshed. However there are those times when I wake up and wonder where I am and what time of day is it?I will also admit that there have been times where my na...
After seeing Timmothy's cartoon strip today I thought I'd see if there was anything interesting about pepper and/or sneezing. There is. I knew sneezing could  force your breath out at a high rate, up to 100 miles per hour?My information and the picture above comes from The Library of Congress. Cl...
I'm not saying every smile is attractive but a bright smile certainly makes a good impression over no smile at all or a smile full of rotten teeth. One smile anyone over 50 may remember was this one:The Ultrabrite girl. Sorry about the poor picture quality.I have always thought that my smile was ...
I grew up in Moorhead MN, sister City to Fargo ND. There was not a lot for a kid to do outdoors during a Fargo winter but I did enjoy sledding/tubing on Fargo's Dike West.The Fargo/Moorhead area is extremely flat so for lack of a hill the Fargo Park District makes tubing available on the Western ...
I think Timmothy (the artist) has come up with an original knock knock joke here. Now a days one doesn't have to wonder who is at the door, you just get a video doorbell.I have a Ring brand doorbell BUT I do not recommend them for a couple of reasons. It has a annual fee of  $49.99 that just went...
In doing my five minutes of research for this post I did not see that a grape would send us into nirvana but then again you and I are human and Titus is a guinea pig.Like Titus I too can turn to food to help lift my spirits. I am thinking we should have a lot of happy people today knowing that ch...
I remember well, and fondly, what Joe is saying about his elementary school years BUT today most people are more health conscious then they were in the past so sweets and a high caloric intake is often avoided. If you don't know what your lover wants then ask them.In my household homemade cards a...
Even if you look at Valentines Day as only a money maker for card companies, florists, and candy sellers, chances are your significant other is expecting some gesture of affection. If you are going to be a stubborn toad and refuse to participate then you really don't deserve the affection of your...

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