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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
Timmothy's cartoon made me wonder what is the most powerful vacuum you can buy. After all who doesn't want to keep their home clean. Clean floors can really be a challenge for pet owners, especiallyt when you have a dog like ours that never runs out of fur to shed.I am not sure what the proper wa...
I LOVE the mild winter we are having in North Dakota with several days in the 40's and even record setting days in the 50's and 60's. The only snow you will see in Minot is the remains of large piles from clearing off parking lots. While a few of us love it many who live in North Dakota are very ...
Warming up before a presentation. I always practiced my presentations before going into the real situation. I believe this gave me an edge as I usually came across as polished and professional. I would start with an outline of what I wanted to accomplish.By writing down my thoughts/plans I could ...
Less than three weeks ago I told you about my daughters new pet, Sunny. Tina rescued Sunny from a pet shelter over the college Christmas break to be a companion to Peep, another rescue she had made about four months ago.Peep was lonely and hardly ever sang her pretty song so that is why Tina purc...
It's Tax Time!The photo above is my Notary Public office and the mess is 100% tax related. The worst of it is you only see about half the mess. Lucky for me I can use the receptionist desk in the Art Gallery to do Real Estate closings and other notary work.Right NOW is the best time to contact th...
You don't need acreage to have peace and quiet but I'd recommend you don't buy a home near any railroad tracks or on a busy street if you want peace and quiet. This is advice I wish I would have had when I purchased my home 25 years ago.That being said, not all railroad tracks are an annoyance. M...
Had I seen this cartoon yesterday I would have worked it into my AI post yesterday: AI, it's Only Natural. As it works out this cartoon works with an experience I had last night.For reasons yet unknown our power went out around midnight. Oddly enough the silence woke me up. I am used to having a ...
 In response to the January 2024 Challenge: AI - Love It Or Hate It by Carol Williams and Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400 AI, It’s Only Natural.There was a time in my life when cutting edge technology was a dazzling lure that I had to strike and posses.When I was young there were cutting edg...
Last month I mentioned the big voice of Brenda Lee. Many thought that she was a adult midget because they could not believe such a little girl could have such a powerful voice. As Timmothy's cartoon points out a little guinea pig can have a loud voice.A Real Estate agent can also have a BIG voice...
If you are a pet owner you are most likely familiar with the scenario in the cartoon above. For me it's my dog, Baby, needing to go out just as I'm ready to go to bed and occasionally (rarely) in the middle of the night. Timmothy's cartoon is speaking from his experience as a (past) guinea pig ow...

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