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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
On Saturday February 1st Grace Lutheran will add a new ministry to the church, Mornings With Mommy. Mornings With Mommy is NOT a preschool and it is NOT childcare.Mornings With Mommy IS a fun and easy way for you to enjoy activities with your kids and meet other parents.For more information pleas...
In today's interview, 01/25/2020, Mayor Shaun Sipma and I visit about the upcoming State of the City address (Thursday February 7th) in the Arvel Graving Theater on the Magic City Campus (Minot High).   We also spend a bit of time discussing the new FEMA flood maps coming out in June and what tho...
For those of us who live long enough there are/will be several major changes in life. 2019 brought about one of those changes in my life and it affected all aspects of my being.I wouldn't say hitting the age of 65 in it self is a major change but I coupled the year of my 65th birthday along with ...
The cold has it's own kind of beauty. Something as simple as a fresh blanket of snow that sparkles like diamonds when sun or moon light shine upon it. Maybe an elaborate piece of art by Jack Frost as I pictured before. If it were not for the cold we would not have the Northern Lights (as pictured...
Emmanuel Toquee is another friend I've meet through ToastMasters. (ToastMasters 636 Minot ND). Emmanuel is originally from Monrovia Libera. He is now a citizen of the USA and has lived in Minot ND for over 9 years. Emmanuel is a motivational Speaker and an author. His book, I Change My Mind" is a...
I met Nate a couple of months ago after grilling him about his faith. I liked his answers so I visited his place of work and found that I fit in perfectly (although I'm the oldest man there). I'm talking about Reverend Nathan Walters, pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, Wisconsin Synod.  Listen in....
I may have preached on this before but a conversation I had minutes ago got my blood a pumping again on this subject.Regretfully, 12/30/19 was the last day of business for our one and only Christian bookstore, Gideon's Trumpet.Gideon's Trumpet is truly a casualty of on line shopping.I get that. I...
Now that I've looked over a couple hundred old photos I've inherited and sorted out the ones I want to keep I'm starting to label them. This hasbrought me to the realization that if you don't share your knowledge (your information) then your knowledge and information is worthless to society. Less...
My dad loved his cars. I always knew this but until today I didn't realize that his love of automobiles went back so far. I'm currently going through a big box of old photo's that was given to me a few years ago but never had time to look through them. I've got to clarify that dad didn't know a t...
We have had some unusual Birthday Cakes in the Timm household, the most unusual being Tina's request for a "Litter-box Birthday Cake" (yes it looks just like a soiled litter-box and is served with a litter-box poop scoop).A new creation was served up just a few days ago. A popcorn cake!It was muc...

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