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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
Truth be told I have never been a "goals" type of person. I would prefer to say that I have "aspirations". The problem with goals is that if you miss your goal you got nothing. Just ask a professional football kicker.Maybe I'm splitting hairs here but a goal seems so much more finite than an aspi...
Timmothy (creator of Titus & Philemon) has not reveled to us what Joe does for a living but like the rest of us his day starts when his feet hit the ground getting out of bed. Most of us have a few chores to do before we start our work week. Maybe like Joe you need to clean a cage before heading ...
Several careers ago I worked for a company that assembled furniture for retail outlets like Kmart, Sears and Walmart. In fact I was assembling furniture at the Walmart in Ft. Pierre SD on 911, a day I will never forget.Back to furniture... and Real EstateI have always been good at assembling furn...
I am glad God has lead me up to another New Year as there are many hopes and surprises I look forward to seeing fulfilled in the year of 2024.I hope to see another BirthdayI am sure babies will be born to friends & relativesLove will happen (hopefully before the baby arrives)Regretfully death wil...
Well that is a sweater that Joe can't take back to the store but maybe his mom can fix it. You have to wonder, was mom watching her favorite soap opera while knitting?I went to the Google market place and put in "Bad Christmas Sweaters"... oops! Bad mistake on my part. I should have typed in "Ugl...
This is kind of the opposite of the kids waking up their parents in the middle of the night asking if it's Christmas yet or if Santa Clause has been there yet. I don't think I have ever been to tired to open up presents... even now as a man in his sixties.BTW I Carol gave me that shoulder holster...
My admiration for an individual act of kindness is actually for a group of individuals and not one single act either but a complete dedication 24/7 365 days a year. That group is the clergy that share, believe, and live to the best of their ability the inerrant word of God. Of course no one is pe...
If you are not careful you just might end up celebrating Christmas with a broken leg. There have been times where it was a bit difficult to navigate around our Christmas tree in the living room because of an abundance of Christmas gifts under the tree.Rock Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee ...
This could be another warning for parents to keep their eyes on their pets and children during the Christmas season. The cartoon had me wondering about food themed Christmas wrapping paper... OF COURSE they make it! I didn't see spinach themed paper but of course there is cookies and more.It also...
A Christmas tradition, started right here in Minot ND, is now a National tradition called Realtor Ring day. If you want to see the Christmas spirit manifested like you have never seen before then volunteer to ring the bell for the Salvation Army on Realtor Ring Day or volunteer to ring the bell o...

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