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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
I guess the only way to go with this cartoon is things are always changing and we as professionals need to know what will work for us and what won't.Branding is very important in business and we need to think long and hard before we present ourselves as something that may even destroy our careers...
Timmothy's cartoon made me wonder if there is a difference in being brain dead and comatose and then when someone is described as "a vegetable" could that describe one or the other or either?And then there is that word I learned from the movie Weird Science, catatonic.Thanks to a Google search I ...
You Are What You EatI have heard that more times than I can remember and I think I've heard it just about everywhere including here in/on Active Rain. I realize the magic behind this statement is simply if you eat healthy you will be healthy.When I think about any one food I consume the most I gu...
I'm sure this is going to lead into another bad hair day strip but again, I'm going to take it another direction.Have you ever visited a listing and felt like when you left you brought something away from the open house... and now it's crawling on you. It's a horrible feeling and it may be real. ...
The cartoon above is Timmothy's continuation of selfies but I want to take this a different direction.If you bill yourself as a Real Estate professional I hope you talk like one in front of clients or anyone who asks you about Real Estate. You are representing all Real Estate professionals when y...
Timmothy's cartoon above reminded me of those old photo booths that we often would share with a friend or two and make silly faces on that strip of pictures. Now-a- days it seems to be a primary job of cell phone selfies.I'm thinking the picture above was taken around 1900 and the man on the Righ...
Lucky for me they are not mouths I have to feed for the next 18 years or more. In fact I don't have to feed them at all.There is a very persistent set of robins who comes around every year and tries to build a nest under our carport. This year they succeeded. It's been fun to watch and photograph...
Knowing what a HUGE business the pet business is it should be no surprise that there is money to be made on just about any product no matter how strange it is. I may have posted in the past about my daughters backpack specifically made for taking birds for walks. It was fun and it was a real atte...
Carly Johnson graduated with my son, Timmothy, last week from Minot State University. Both graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. At this time Carly is focused on T-shirts. I was empressed with her work as few students these days show their dedication to faith openly on a public university...
I rarely had dinner meetings with clients for either business or social meetings. Although I had been highly educated in table manors I have always been very conscience about how I look as I am eating. Having a messy face like Titus above or having food stuck in my beard would be totally un-excep...

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