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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
BTW did you know that Lawrence Welk was a North Dakota boy?Joe, in the comic above, may be acting as many of us men do/think and is immortalized by Tim the Tool Man Taylor... MORE POWER! Here is Tim Taylor's idea of a lawn mower engine. (One of my favorite shows in the series with Bob Vela as him...
I am sure all of us know people who transform, it's the subject of many science fiction stories, the oldest I remember is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.The transformation can be good, like the day I was transformed into a member of God's community, and it can be a transformation into bad like Dr. Jekyl...
When most people think of being or getting healthy the image of gyms and perfect bodies come to mind but very few people actually do go to the gym and very few people look like Venus or Adonis yet they can be healthy in what ever body they are in.My body still looks pretty good but I've had two o...
Maybe Titus needs to purchase a guinea pig size sneeze guard to protect himself and his food. I doubt they make them but I sure appreciate it when I see sneeze guards at restaurants.People coughing and sneezing around food NOT covering their face is a pet peeve of mine. It's nice to know that eve...
Even with a mild winter like the one we are experiencing we start hoping for Spring around this time of year. Pets often help us make it through the winter as we see less humans during those really frigged days/weeks and months. But what our our furry friends thinking?I would bet that Timmothy's ...
Some app on my phone tells me what pictures I took one year ago "today". This is the one I received yesterday.My first reaction was REALLY? Then I realized what a warm winter we have had this past year. I remember when my children were young and they would ask "Dad is winter ever going to end?". ...
Many residents of South Central Minot are stumped at what is happening at Roosevelt Park and the Roosevelt Park Zoo.The short, unsatisfying, answer is flood mitigation. On June 22nd 2011 Minot was flooded by the worst flood in it's recorded history. I'd love to tell you the whole story as it is a...
Today a weekend sports warrior would more likely be talking with a pickleball ball. BTW the one below for $245. is actually for a 100 count package.If a recreational, inanimate object were to talk to me (based on my time of involvement) it would be a cribbage board.But what about "on the job" dre...
Rodents gnaw and gnawing creates holes.If/when I find evidence of a mouse in the house the first thing I do is to get out the mouse traps. I usually have my mouse in 24 hours. Besides the traps I also/always have glue boards through out the basement to catch creeping things. I hate to catch a rod...
Yes, we are all melting away.Very few of us will be known in history beyond the next generation, or two, with-in our own families. Those who find this horrifying and have the means to do anything about it will set up foundations, go the cryogenic route, or even make sure there is a larger than li...

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