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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
The Real Estate world is full of Good-Byes and Good-Riddance's as we complete transactions. We often wave good-bye to Sellers who are moving across the country (good and bad).I had pretty much gotten away from all that when I retired as a RE Broker and agent with the exception of signing a loan d...
Yesterdays photo walk was a challenge for my aches and pains as well as subject matter. The good news (for me) was that it was relatively pain free and I think I have some interesting photos... let me know.First of all I stoppedĀ over the zoo pond and looked down at last years leaves drifting arou...
I wish I could show you some spring bulbs bursting through my garden but the first thing to flower is:Pretty pathetic, I know, but hey it's growing and blooming and I can gladly say it's not growing in my yard šŸ˜„. You got to take what you can get.I assure you I will start posting better pictures a...
After hearing this 34 sec. news clip I feel betterabout myself.I heard my first motivational tape about 45 years ago and I admit that it got me fired up. That is until I did a little digging and this self made millionaire (that was big 54 years ago) actually made his millions by marrying an autom...
Okay, this auction is not in London, and it's not by Sotheby's. It's actually several auctions across the State of South Dakota by the State of South Dakota.I have been to a couple of these State auctions and I can tell you that the deals can be fantastic, especially if you go to the smaller ones...
Nina Hollander, Broker posts about it every year as do many other bloggers and it always makes my mouth water. Now it's finally Minot's turn to have a restaurant week.I may try all eight listed above just to see how they stack up to my two current favorites which are:A special note about my featu...
To get to the Chicken.Was it subliminal, good advertising, or a coincidence?Maybe it was just blind luck.Ā  Ā As I was preparing for the day, fresh out of bed and not yet in the shower, I heard an interesting quote attributed to Colonial Harlan David Sanders and then I heard another one as we were ...
This one minute fifteen second video was shot 10 days after the picture above was taken. The video is very different yet not dissimilar.Ā People moving here to serve at The Minot Air Force Base or to work in the oil fields might ask "What is the weather like in North Dakota?". I'd have to say that...
Okay, I've read one to many kumbayah Earth Day posts today and if I see one more "save the earth" posts I'm going to puke on the earth.Earth was here long before man and it will be here long after man is wiped from it.BE A GOOD STEWARD!Being a good steward of all the blessings we have been given ...
On April 24th 2008 I signed on to Active Rain.14 years of blogging have been a God send for me. I've always loved writing and excelled at in in High School through a brand new class offered, Creative Writing.I quit writing after High School because when I excitedly showed off my work (that I was ...

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