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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
Practical jokes are funny but BIG holes that swallow houses are NOT!As a Real Estate professional I have not had a client ask me about sink holes in any area that I have sold homes in. However it would not be a bad question to ask when shopping for a home. I know that some of the coal mining area...
I have owned a dog(s) most of my adult life. Not a single one learned, or cared to learn, to catch a Frisbee. Baby only catches her treats about 40% of the time.I've had two dogs, Amos and Jack, who would fetch but not a Frisbee. Maybe if I started out with a little puppy and worked hard with it ...
Timmothy wrote the cartoon above about a month ago and I have been eager to post it with the June challenge brought forth by Kat Palmiotti called Artificial Intelligence at Home/Work .As a huge Si-fi fan I hope man never does create artificial intelligence. It never works out well... not even for...
Now a fly in the ear would be horrible but at least it flew out. I hate biting insects!One advantage to our Northern climate is we have 9 months or more with no outdoor pests. In fact even though we have had many days in the 70's and 80's this spring the biting insects are far and few in-between ...
This cartoon reminds me of a time or two when I was waking up from a nightmare only to find I was still in the nightmare and it continued. I've seen movies like that as well, like Carrie. Getting the ball rolling can be equally scary in Real Estate, especially when it comes to home repairs. Wheth...
Thank you for the good response to Timmothy's cartoon and my post on being weird yesterday... he is continuing with the theme in his cartoon today so I am following suit. Several of the responses yesterday prompted self reflection from those who read it. I confess that it made me reflect on the s...
Warning! This post has nothing to do with Real Estate.I had to ask Timmothy what was going on in this comic strip. Timmothy's humor can be weird at times. When Titus inhales he increases in size (in this strip) but the real point is that we all are weird in some way.One of the kings of weird that...
Let's face it, today work is an elective. Whether you are able bodied or not I'm sure there is some government program that allows you to not work no matter what your age.Whether you work or not it's...MONDAY!I myself enjoy working and will continue to do so until I can't. Even though I am workin...
I am not sure if they make an automatic guinea pig feeder but I know they have been making automatic aquarium feeders for decades. BTW this is NOT my entry into the June challenge about AI, it just so happened to be Timmothy's cartoon for the Northern Sentry News paper today.Back when I owned a p...
It's hard to believe Minot is just now launching a recycle program when the city I left 30 years ago was already doing it back then... better late than never??? I ask that with question marks because I have read and heard that recycling is NOT cost effective for most items anymore.Personally I ha...

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