Don’t let the New Year sneak up on you without a solid marketing plan. It’s time to start thinking about the New Year! Strategize your way to success in 2016 with a free® marketing assessment. Read on…  5 Areas of Self-Assessment You Should Focus on Today According to the latest Natio...
 4 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Today As real estate professionals, goal setting is a popular topic. It has likely come up in your office meetings, with your real estate vendors and amongst your colleagues. Yet even though we know the importance of goal setting and the impact a strong busi...
01/08/2016® has created new agent profiles that better serve the needs of all REALTORS® by providing reliable information about the agent to engage buyers and sellers in their search experience. The beta version of the new profile was tested in several markets before being pushed live nationally...
As an industry, we’ve become hyper-focused on lead generation. Brokers, teams and agents invest valuable time and resources on website development, marketing strategies, SEO and systems to capture opportunities generated from online leads. Yet there are so many conditions that need to be met for ...
As the end of the year quickly approaches, setting yourself up with solid strategy for success in the New Year is likely on your mind. If you’re staying ahead of the curve, you’ve got your lead generation system on autopilot, a robust online presence working on your behalf (including your realtor...
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