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Have we seen the worst of the Real Estate Market slum or are we still on the way down? That is the main question that analyst are asked. As we begin 2011 there are many factors that will determine the behavior of this market on the year to come. Although there is no clear consensus, the majority ...
For some people, the idea of buying a NEW HOME sounds appealing. They have their finances in order, qualify for a loan and have the Down Payment ready to go, but if they purchased their current home many years ago, they might end up paying a much higher property tax, and that might be stopping th...
The scores used to calculate the ranking the schools in the San Diego area, are based on their API score , this is a number that ranges from 200 to 1,000 and it is derived from the performance of public school students in grades 2 to 11 that take the California standards Tests. API Scores are the...
In past posts we have talked about the different type of sales, covering Foreclosures, Short Sales, Deed in Lieu, and regular Sales. However we have done so from a seller's perspective mainly. I very often work with buyers and in this market, most people who initially approach me to help them fin...
SO YOU ARE THINKING OF BUYING A HOME...WHER DO YOU BEGIN?   9 Easy steps to purchasing a home in today's market     1-Look at your reasons for homeownership and make an informed decision whether buying a home IS the right step for you at this time. If it is, determine your time frame. 2-Sit down ...
In today's market, buyers are looking for the "killer deal", and I am constantly finding clients who want to purchase a home that is a "foreclosure". I understand their point of view and respect the fact that they are looking out for their best interest or at least they think they are. One of the...
One question that often comes up when talking about the current condition of the Real Estate market, is the Absorption Rate. The absorption rate can be defined as the time it would take the current inventory of homes to sell given the average selling pace of the past (typically six months, averag...
As promised yesterday, I have more specific data for you.I found an interesting tidbit of information I wanted to share with everyone;According to Professor Pigginton,the single family median price per square foot was down a gruesome 6.1% between October and November which indicates a market stil...
This is a question I hear every day, and in all honesty...there is no simple answer. The reality is that it all depends on why you are asking? it is not that the facts change, it is that the focus you have while looking at those facts creates a whole different explanation.And as if that was not e...

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