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Keeping it short............... Copy and paste to your browser, or click on it. Many of the top realtors in the country are doing what I'm showing you now.... Looking at this site to see if there is "Value" in it for them. Getting their questions answered, if they "SEE Value" ...
I'm not, and neither are a great many of other Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Bankers, Politicians, College Professors, Law Makers, Big Business men and Small Business men. If you are with me on this, what are you doing to "Pay the bills" over and above what your current career provides? I'd like to...
Myself, I'm working harder, longer, and have more headaches at the end of the day than I did when I was selling in the traditional market. On the other hand, the phones are ringing, and I have people to work with, but I have had to be smart about who I show homes to and who I don't. I find out ho...
04/02/2009   Call or email me after you've watched this video. Let us build you a business that can pay you in a month what you were making in a year (or more) Ray (517) 960-3904
take matters in your own hands, be in control of your own financial future, and have the opportunity to create an income that pays you "Now" and "Tomorrow" for what you did yesterday. Call any of these numbers and listen to the pre-recorded messages. They are about 4 minutes long. 1. (646) 222-02...
Boy the money sure is disappearing isn't it? Homes are losing their value because foreclosures are driving the market and determining the price of ALL homes that are listed. Buyers on the other hand are few and far between. Fear is keeping potential buyers from entering the market because many do...
with 3 kids that worked for Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Texas. Last February (2008) 13 months after joining the same company I've been sharing with you (FHTM) she was paid $100,000.00 for the month of January. SHe started this business part time and went full time as soon as she could afford t...
I'm going to introduce all of you to my friend and partner, Matt Barrett. Matt is a.... Network marketing professional who in the first 3 years of operation has built a team of over 3,500 independent representatives. Our team is beginning to reach into most States and a few Provences. The system ...
The company I do this through is called "FHTM" and to learn more about it you can go to: and watch any of the 5 Business Presentations with an open mind. This opportunity is for those that are: Driven for success, Business minded, and willing to "Pay the price to gain ...
Many of us couldn't remain Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Inspectors, or even remain in this industry if it weren't for our spouses, many of whom work jobs they don't like so we can "do our thing." Lately, (or actually for the past couple of years anyway in Michigan) "Our Thing" or our profession ha...

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