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This is a forum to share Ventura County market updates, real estate news, short sale law updates, strategies and knowledge about Ventura County real estate.
So Escrow Opens, And The Buyer's Contingency Period Begins... What is the Contingency Period?  This is the number of days that the Buyers have in which to decide to buy your house, or not.  During this period of time, they do their "Investigations," read all Disclosures & Reports, execute an Appr...
When I meet with Clients for the first time, often times they don't know what to expect next.  Here's a rough outline of what happens during Escrow, that every Seller should have some information on... 1.) Sign Listing Agreement... 2.) Fill Out Seller Disclosures... 3.) Termite Inspection... 4.) ...
September 19, 2010...  Ventura County Updates for the last 24 hours: 20 New Listings On The Market... 8 Homes Sold since yesterday...   7 Homes Back On The Market... (Let's play it again Sam...)   12 Homes Became "Contingent/Back-Up"... (This means the Sellers have received viable offers, but are...
 Here's your local Ventura Homes For Sale Info...  September 16, 2010... Today there are 237 homes for sale - "Active." Today there are 90 homes that are "Back-Up/Contingent." Today there are 74 homes in Escrow - "Pending."   361 Ventura Homes have sold in the last 6 months...   For more Ventura ...
According to NAR (National Association Realtors) Statistics comparing today's stats to 12 months ago;    The number of homes sold in the Western United States, priced from $250,000.00 to $500,000.00 - have DECREASED by 24.7%.  Meanwhile, home sales in the 500K -750K range - have dropped half as m...
Watch the California Association of Realtor's July 20010 Update video...  Our Chief Economist, Leslie Appleton-Young delivers the message... A new report predicts more than 1 million American households will lose their homes due to Forclosure...
How Many Parks & Recreation Facilities Are There In VENTURA?  37 to be exact... Having been a Ventura resident for the last 25 years, I've been involved with lots of different community activities.  A great place to start is at a Parks & Rec Facility.  Here's a list! 1.) Albinger Archaeological M...
Here are 5 of our Historic Sites here in lovely Ventura... 1.) Albinger Archaelogical Museum.  Check it out at: 2.) City Hall Municipal Art Collection on Poli Street.  Call 805-658-4726 to schedule a docent tour. 3.) Historic Dudley House on N. Ashwood.
There are a few things to consider when chosing a Health Club or "Gym." 1.) Does the gym demand that you give access to your checking account? "EFT." This is a bad idea.  You should save yourself the extra monthly deductions and headache, by requesting to pay in full, up front.  Even for 3 months...
Living in Ventura County most of my life has afforded me a handful of Gym (health club) experiences.  In my opinion, the BEST gym to work out at is "The Gym," on Main Street in Ventura - and here's why... I've felt at home at different gyms for different reasons over the years.  Really, depending...

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This is a forum to share Ventura County market updates, real estate news, short sale law updates, strategies and knowledge about Ventura County real estate.