A lot of us live & conduct 90% of our business in our cars.  This past week, Oprah aired a show on the dangers of texting behind the wheel.  She's urging everyone to give up texting while driving. The show had families who had members that were killed in accidents due to distracted drivers wh...
Ever wonder why some people rub you the wrong way or you find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out someone’s behavior?  I think the color personality test is such an effective way to try to understand why some personalities clash. This is especially effective if you’re going to be c...
Economic bailout: In an attempt to combat financial catastrophe, the Bush administration on Friday laid out a radical bailout plan with a jaw-dropping price tag of a takeover of 700 billion dollars or more in worthless mortgages and other bad debt held by tottering institutions.  Several factors ...
Top 10 reasons to love El Paso, TX..... 1)     COST OF LIVINGEl Paso's low cost of living compares very favorably with other major cities. On average, El Pasoans pay 94% of the national average for all items. El Paso's cost of living is low compared to other U.S. cities. San Diego, CA 127.5 Santa...
Some Realtors from our local RE/MAX offices are trying to plan a drive or fundraiser to assist some of our area organizations like the Children Crisis Center, for example. A few of us sat down with several organizations, toured their facilities and discussed their necessities. We wanted to stay a...
9/11 is approaching and many memories of how in a split second our country was turned upside down. Many lives will forever be tarnished. We have men & women serving our great country. We need to lift them up in prayer because not only are soldiers dying due to the war but many are having coping t...
It's my belief & personal opinion that Real Estate Agents should attend a Realtor "Etiquette" Class.  What exactly would this entail? It would entail how to deal with the other agent involved in the real estate transaction. How many times have you encountered issues primarily due to the "other" a...

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