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Successful salespeople, particularly those in straight-commission or business ownership pursuits, are often students of self-improvement and leadership.Jim Rohn, motivational speaker and personal development trainer, teaches the importance of guarding that which we allow to influence our minds.Ro...
“REALTORS® have reason to celebrate today as legislation easing restrictions on FHA financing for condominiums is finally signed into law,” says NAR President Tom Salomone. “This is a long-awaited victory for NAR and for home buyers for whom condos are an important and affordable option.”H.R.3700...
From blogging to giving showing feedback, many agents feel "blocked" when it come to real estate activities that involve writing. For many, writing is equivalent to public speaking... it can make us feel vulnerable, exposed, and frustrated because we don't always know what to say, and worry about...
What do you get when you cross Michael Buble with Microsoft and real estate? Sway!What is Sway?For starters, Microsoft Sway is COOL! If PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote and Wordpress had a baby, it would be Sway. Building an interactive story takes seconds with Sway's dynamic drag and drop interfa...
No more classes, no more books... Completing those pre-licensing real estate courses is a BIG accomplishment, no matter what the level of prior education or career success a person has had. A close second (in Texas at least) is completing the 2nd round of courses (98 hours) that are required for ...
Yesterday, the UK voted to break it off with the EU. After the results were announced, stocks around the world plummeted and the pound took a dive. Social media became flooded with "doom and gloom" narrative touting global recession, Armageddon, and the collapse of civilazation as we know it. WHA...
A day of solemn rememberance, Memorial Day is reserved to honor our fallen military members. It's not about backyard BBQs, beach trips, or ball games. It's not about furniture sales, flags adorned with business cards (farming), or festivals.  There are other red, white, and blue holidays reserved...
Construction, whether relating to a new build or remodeling, has its own vocabulary.  When your contractor or builder talks about rough work, don't take it to mean he's complaining about his job... "Rough In" or "Rough Out"Depending on your neck of the woods, the phrase "rough in" or "rough out" ...
Texas is rich in cultural diversity. While standard and intuitive pronounciation is often used, mispronouncing colloquial names is a dead give away that you aren't familiar with the local area.Want to blend in?Step 1: Don't listen to your GPS. It doesn't know how to speak Texan.Step 2: Read this ...
How do you know when you are "making it" in real estate? Watch for these 10 sure signs of success:10. You spend more time in other people's houses than you do your own home.9. You never cook any more.8. You get calls for showings on "your listing" and you have to ask "which one".7. You are on a f...

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