The term “headless WordPress” has been trending lately. And you probably must have heard it bandied around the digital space. So what is it all about? When it comes to developing content delivery for future-proofing, a headless system provides developers and WordPress users with a wide range of a...
Lavender is a theme for building fast real estate websites via a headless framework.The API-based theme allows developers to create high-performing real estate websites using MLS data.Content is rendered instantly from the WordPress and MLS Router APIs, resulting in near-perfect page scores.Laven...
The real estate industry is highly competitive. That is why real estate professionals need access to the most updated property information to stay ahead of the game. By providing access to data about properties for sale and information about market trends, MLS Router™ API presents new and advance...
As a real estate broker, you know that investing in your agents is investing in your brand. Your success depends on the level of professionalism and efficiency of your team. The more skilled and experienced your agents become, the better the traffic for your business. To help you maximize your ag...
Real estate apps are better with data. Home buyers want information to be confident in their offers.And home sellers need knowledge to set the best prices.Real estate APIs help real estate apps and websites win customers by providing the data they need. What Are Real Estate APIs?Real estate APIs ...
Creating a fast and converting real estate website is an important part of the property business. Agents and brokers invest a great deal of time and money looking for the ultimate solution to serve their clients. This is why almost all mainstream website builders have entered this market. Before ...

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