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This post is something I have not seen much information about in the past few months so I'm not sure if the real estate community has heard about it. Testing conducted to verify this data has been done by many SEO professionals and we are conducting some tests of our own at REASEO.Our testing is ...
Update: Contest is over and the winner has been chosen. I would still recommend following @InmanNews and @REASEO on twitter.   Inman News is going to give away One Free Ticket to Real Estate Connect 2008 in San Fransisco to a lucky winner. All you have to do is create a twitter account, follow @I...
Sorry the video has been taken down. I've updated the REASEO site and the keyword research section is complete if you want to check it out. It covers 3 main points of keyword research. 1) Keyword Brainstorming - which pretty much self explanatory, 2) Keyword research with Google's free Keyword To...
Just put up a new post at with a rundown on Search Engine Optimization. Check it out here: SEO Introduction.  Hopefully things will be rolling out pretty quickly. Most of the stuff is pretty basic so far and if your on activerain your already one step ahead of the game. Soon we should ...
Hi, My name is Jerry Mosher from REASEO just went live a few days ago and we would be glad to have you join us. We are going to be rolling out the basics of SEO soon. And I would love to hear any questions you have. Is there anything regarding SEO in particular that you don't understan...

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