How are you finding the sweet spot in online marketing to become a real estate baller? Grant me two guesses.... By pulling consumers to blogs through the use of carefully choreographed keyword verified prose that stands on point like perfectly trained prima ballerinas poised and positioned on the...
The 10 Citizen Journalism Resources Real Estate Bloggers Should Be Using Citizen Journalism, just like social networking, has always been around.   Now instead of relying solely on Word of Mouth storytelling we are able to record ideas, thoughts, research and sometimes unfortunately speculation,...
Social Media Madness, Blog Dueling, and One Silly Little Cartoon Show If you enjoyed this post then you will enjoy, Conversations Are For Everyone Conversations Are For Everyone, Round 2 We've Only Just Begun To Blog Subuscribe to Blogging In The Rain, A Real Estate Marketing Blog  
Consumers Come First.  The Real Estate Mashup of Misinformation Needs to End I am getting ready to start the process of helping my sister find a qualified real estate agent to help her navigate the waters of the real estate industry.  She has looked at some listings through a real estate agent's ...
Real Estate Brokers:  5 Keys to Real Estate Agent Success This list has been building in my mind since I first got started in the real estate industry 17 years ago when blogging wasn't even a conceptual thought on Jorn Barger's mind.  I have compiled this list from on the job experience, reading...
100 Years Later Dr. Seuss Provides Lessons On Blogging, Social Networking and the Passion of Life Did you know that Dr. Seuss's (Theodor Seuss Geisel) first Children's Book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, was rejected 27 times before being published by Vanguard Press.  This celebr...
I Packed 12 Goodies this morning in your Real Estate Marketing Toolkit - Create documents and share them in a creative way and beautiful display - Comment tracking that allows you toshare your conversations. Syndication: share your posts - Syndicatio...
In my post, "Are you Cutting off your Niche to Spite your Marketplace?" I wrote about why real estate professionals should choose a niche. In listening to the readership community of this blog I heard a need for clarification of the infamous 3 W's and H.  My marketing mind is ready to serve so he...
The biggest hurdle I see in the real estate marketplace today is the fear for real estate agents to commit to a niche market.  A niche market can provide your business with a brand, a distinguished service offering, and a means to an exit strategy.  The benefits are plentiful yet the perceived ri...
You should be the go to person when it comes to local real estate information.    Have you considered being the go to person for your clients when it comes to navigating the internet waters for useful information?  If you aren't you are missing an opportunity to become even more valuable in your ...

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