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go to & get 20 Listing Appointments per month

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Did you know an average Realtor with 12 years of experience is still spending 173 hours and $547 per listing? Did you know all that time and money is spent to earn less than $3,500 per month? But that’s for an agent with 12 years of experience. The average Realtor with less than 2 years of experience earned a median gross income of $8,500 per year. and that doesn’t include expenses. OUCH! But there is a better way. Real Estate Faster can save you up to 80% of your time and money How? By doing all of the work for you to get a listing appointment. We buy quality leads and call them one after another with proven scripts until we set your Guaranteed Listing Appointments.

 Tell us a little bit about you and give us access to your calendar, then we do the rest. That's it. No guessing which marketing techniques will work, No more spending countless hours trying to get a listing appointment, and no more wasting money trying to get your name out there. Visit