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Hi I know it is hard to shush your kid(s) when you are on the phone.  I try not to feel like a heel but I have figured out something positive about an interrupting child. Like most everyone in real estate, you really don't get a day off especially when you are negotiating a contract.  Clients nev...
In the never ending effort to centralize my information but still have it available to me anywhere I go,  I have been tinkering with iGoogle.  A user can log in and get a "home page" where they can have a variety of widgets, links (my favorite) and rss feeds.  I also have a page devoted to real e...
My co-worker and I have been put in charge of finding better software to keep track of our team's listings, showings, contacts, calendars and to do lists. We really hope to keep track of all the places we put on listings on the internet.  We also want to send out reports to our clients about what...
People have told me that I am lucky because I live at the beach.  "It must be a perpetual vacation!"  Well...yes and no.  Unfortunately, I don't like actual beach all that much - not crazy about sand. There are things to do, of course, Rehoboth's pride and joy - Funland - ...
Real estate, in my opinion, is an ever changing industry and with the internet, it seems like everything is changing really fast.  I started in real estate in 2000, not as a licensed agent but as a listing and tech assistant.  I have seen first hand how email and websites have both increased and ...

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