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Since 1999, Julea Joseph has been creating beautiful interiors whether you live in Chicago or in Orland Park. Her business, Reinventing Space is an eclectic mix of interior redesign, home staging and traditional design services - which makes for the perfect recipe for a beautiful home.
•·        My two appointments today illustrate how having a progressive menu of services, additional education and expertise brings you long term relationships with your best business source - An existing client! •1.     A Realtor associated with my Builder Models I merchandised hires me to stage...
11 years ago today I was lucky girl in Minneapolis filming  HGTV's "Decorating Cents."  I woke up this morning and realized what an amazing milestone this was for my Interior Redesign & Home Staging Business! - Reinventing Space   I had just moved back to Chicago two weeks prior, and was so excit...
Fabulous Art is only one snap away for your home staging or interior styling projects.  Get out your camera, dial it to "close-up" and shoot away in your back or front yard. Download to your favorite photo editing program, adjust, enhance and crop.  Have it printed into a poster, frame it and han...
   Photo: MLS Help! I'm having Rug Rage!  Time and time again I see ill-sized rugs being used in Home Staging projects and 99.9%  of them are too small for the space or the furniture collection it's anchoring.  Size does matter! And don't get me started on materials -  I've seen  bath rugs used...
The endless chatter from TV Interior Decorating opinions has made Home Staging sometimes seem like a quagmire of misinforms and product placement ads.  The process of Home Staging doesn't have to reach deep into your pockets, nor so time consuming it's out of your reach if you seek the expertise ...
For those who went through Interior Redesign Training, the intimidating task of being the trainee is executing your 1st One Day Room Makeover.  Part of your training course is being initiated by accomplishing an Interior Redesign - Overseen deftly by your instructor. Having taken my training in D...
So spend a bit of your time and digest this photo...  (Photo: Chicago Tribune) OK, now that you have - Let me give you a bit of back story of why it's part of this post. I spoke this week at a Home Staging/Model Merchandisingevent at our local HBA (National Association of Home Builders.) The even...
As we all know, targeting a lifestyle is a well established design niche for both retailers and designers -from big box stores to model home designers, lifestyle design is all about knowing how your ideal client lives.  Today, it's about fine tuning the enjoyment of your home.  The most expensive...
Back in May I wrote a post on 10 Tips on How to make Your Next Listing Look Like a Model Home.    Model Home Merchandising is all about creating a idyllic living atmosphere for that perfect buyer. Creating interior environments that speak to the prospective homeowner how they could live in this h...
It's my business to make homes better.  As an Interior Stylist, I'm the new generation of designer that can seamlessly progress from a home staging professional to interior design consultant, but (always on a budget.)  My job is to celebrate your home and make it beautiful no matter what chapter ...

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Julea Joseph House Stager - Reinventing Space
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