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Yes indeed, it seems like EVERYONE has a book today. They either have one, or they're working on one. I get that; busy life, writers block, or rejections. So then, what separates me from the rest? "Why have you been published, not just ONE time, Relentless, but dozens of times over? How did you receive all that praise from ABC World News and TIME Magazine & The New York Times? How did you do that, Sir?" My answer is simple: definition of purpose is one thing; I was sure of what I wanted. Furthermore, I had to do it the best, or better than the others in my field. I'm not the type of cat who merely "blends in" or who "follows the crowd." So I studied the greatest writers in the world. I dissected them, word for word, line for line, book after book. I began to recognize trends and similarities as well as I learned (more importantly) that there are no rules in writing books. Pretty much, you need to have a voice and a command for words... you need to have a VOCABULARY. But other than that, you need to develop an edge; that edge is more or less your "mojo." And when you have that, nothing and nobody can stop you. Ball players have that when they or on their mark or in their zones. Performers have it when they hit a certain note, or recite a certain line on stage; boom, STANDING OVATION. So, you want to get your book published, and I just fell into my next level publishing deal; a multi-million-dollar venture. I want to publish 100 new books this year alone. Why should your books be one of those titles? Why should I put my heart and energy and marketing muscle behind your work? Whats YOUR "mojo"? Why are YOU recognized by large numbers of people, and what have YOU mastered? Pray-tell! I'm listening!