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Recently I have been contacted by several people that are interested in buying a 2nd home in the Outer Banks.  The international investors will not be receiving income from these investments and I am aware of the requirements upon disposition of the property. What has been your experience with de...
I recently answered a blog that was asking the questions 'Is Now a Good Time to Buy on The Outer Banks?' and I responded that YES, IT IS.  And here is a good example of why it is.  I recently spoke to my banker and she recently acquired a 3,000 sq. ft. home in Kill Devil Hills.  The home is locat...
I am scheduled to take the ABR Designation course next week.  And I was wondering in your experience, which designations means the most to your clients?  Do you think one is better than the others?   During this down-time in the market, I am trying to take courses that will broaden my knowledge o...
Unforturnately for me I changed careers right at the beginning of the turn in the real estate market.  Although prices of real estate on the Outer Banks are lower than they have been for years, why aren't Buyers more movtivated to BUY?  Why do you think that Buyers are NOT buying?  HELP!
I was watching the news two nights ago and there was a piece on speculation about a possible rate increase for Capital Gain Taxes.  Has anyone else out there heard or know more about this?  And what type of impact will this have on the real estate market?  Will this cause more investors to re-inv...
As the Labor Day weekend approaches, the realization that "Summer Season" is coming to an END is quickly settling in.  For us residents of the Outer Banks, this is a much anticipated relief.  And for those of us in the Real Estate business this an exciting time.  So, now is the time to crunch the...

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