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Mortgage and Lending - Academy Mortgage, Reno, NV
The Nevada Housing Division recently announced the 2014 Hero to Home Mortgage Program to honor those who have served our country with the realization of home ownership. NHD has partnered with private sector approved mortgage lenders such as Academy Mortgage to make this opportunity a reality. Ne...
Last week in the Federal Register (79 FR 50835), the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) published a final rule effective January 21, 2015 prohibiting a FHA approved mortgagee from charging the mortgagor interest through the end of the month in which the mortgage is being prepaid.   The new FHA...
Together, Home is Possible! What’s keeping you from owning your own home? For many, it is an inability to save the money necessary for a down payment. That is no longer an excuse! The Nevada Housing Division just announced their new “Home is Possible” program for low and moderate income families ...
Today is Black Friday.  Between now and Christmas, you will be offered a discount on most every purchase if you will just apply for the company’s credit card. Although saving $10, $50, $100 or more seems like a great idea, it could prove to be a terrible mistake if you are planning to purchase a ...
  Is the lack of money for a down payment preventing you from becoming a homeowner? Through a program with the Nevada Housing Division, we can help. Buying a home requires money for your down payment and closing costs. The Nevada Housing Division First-Time Homebuyer Program offers to low- and mo...
  Can I Purchase a Home With a Living Trust? Can I purchase a home with a living trust? Yes, but there are specific requirements in order for the trust to be eligible for financing. In order to be eligible, the borrower must include: •       The settler, or the person who created the trust, and •...
   “Some Credit Repair Companies are a Rip Off” by Joe Petrowsky was a featured article the other day.  I found some of the comments reactionary and disturbing. Like all industries, there are good, ethical companies as well as companies with questionable ethics. The good companies provide a worth...

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