Most of your plumbing system is hidden, which makes it very difficult to detect any problems until it’s too late and there is costly damage.  Here are some signs that you have sprung a leak in your plumbing and that it’s time to contact one of Edmonton’s best plumbing companies before too much da...
Photo by DMahalko [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia CommonThere are some pretty obvious indicators that it is time for a new roof.  If your shingles are notiably deteriorating or you have major leaks coming into the house, you should consider a roof replacement or repair.  Edmonton roofing companies a...
Black garage doors and black exterior accents are very popular right now.  A black garage door gives your home a dramatic, sophisticated and modern look; but they used to come with many negative side effects.It’s not typical to see steel black garage doors on older homes.  An older black garage d...
Replacing your garage door will boost your home’s curb appeal, increase home security and the value of your home.  An attractive exterior will also improve your changes of a quick-sale, if your house is on the market.  A garage door replacement has an 88.4% return on investment, according to Remo...
Finishing your basement could nearly double the square footage of your living space.  The concrete-floored area you’ve been using for storage and a laundry dumping ground can be transformed into a beautiful, functional space.  You can build a rec room or home theatre, additional bedrooms, home of...
What do you think of when you hear the words “general contractor’’?  That it will be too expensive?  That you could probably just do it yourself?  That you might get ripped off?Those are all legitimate concerns, but bringing in an experienced professional has many benefits and could end up saving...

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