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Until a few days ago, less than 1% of homes in the Sanctuary on Spruce Creek (SOSC) in Port Orange were for sale. The Hanner Team just listed an awesome Preakness Model for under $300K. For the last 6 months, 3 properties per month are selling in the SOSC and research is indicating that values ar...
Here is a comparison for ENTIRE DAYTONA MLS of March 2011 to the previous 30 days (1/30/11 to 2/28/11) AND compared to March of 2010.    Bottom line compared to LAST YEAR there are fewer new listings, sales are about the same, but properties going "pending" is up almost 20%.  Average sales prices...
  Projectors - is this the ultimate in home staging?  
The data for this comes from the Daytona Board of Realtors MLS. Active single family homes in the MLS - 2500. Number of single family properties that sold in 2010 - 3000. If you combine single family, single family attached, condos, townhomes, and condotels - 4500 sold in 2010. That is 12 per day...
Big government regulation will step out of the way for another year. Woo Hoo! For years, FHA would not let buyers borrow FHA money to buy a house that had been purchased, rehabilitated, and then put on the market for resale, unless the previous owner held the property for more than 13 weeks. Anot...
Market research is something I enjoy. I don't know exactly why I love crunching numbers. Maybe it is from back in college when I studied data collection and analysis. Maybe it was from my former profession when I studied crime statistics and evaluated job performances of law enforcement officers....
Short sale list agents need to protect sellers from the incompetent, lazy, and fraudulent BPO "agents". I have had BPOs inflated by as much as 120% My listing agreement with sellers requires that any BPO agent must: 1.  Be accompanied by the listing agent when accessing the property. (I can make ...
A short sale client of mine in Port Orange, Florida has been hearing and reading the headlines about major lenders halting their foreclosures. Well, two of them GMAC and Bank of America have started the process back up again. GMAC took a respite that started 2 months ago. BofA is estimating only ...
A NEW WAY TO VALUE REAL ESTATE Awhile back I was working with a customer on the purchase of a short sale. It was on acreage but was only an unfinished shell. The slab, concrete block walls, and the roof were complete. None of the interior framing had been started. A property such as this can be d...
FREE FORECLOSURE PREVENTION SEMINAR    FORECLOSURE IS NOT AN OPTION Meet with an experienced foreclosure attorney and a Realtor who has specialized in foreclosure since 2004. This meeting is free. Seating is limited and you must reserve a seat. We will discuss: Loan Modification Fighting in Cour...

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