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I catch alot of interesting information on Twitter.  Some of it useful...some of it hilarious.  And, some of it that just sounds too good to be true.  One of those was a recipe for Oreo Truffles I saw one day.  After thinking about this potential decadent treat for roughly 7 seconds, I googled a ...
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!   First and foremost, this post really has nothing at all to do with real estate...more about life in general.  So, I hope no one is offended by the fact that I'm thankful as all Hell about what I have and I'm not afraid to tell the entire world about it.  Negative people be...
With so many people doing their best to set themselves up for a better year in 2011, I thought of a quick basic list of the ways that someone could re-invent and invigorate their career by investing time and effort into the one asset that all agents have - Themselves.  The key principle to this i...
“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” ~~ Patrick F. Drucker As we head into the beginnings of 2011...and everyone is working on their business plans and preparing to make 2011 better than 2010 was...I wanted to hammer home a point I have been trying to make...
They say that if you can't laugh at yourself, then you can't laugh at anyone. Putting that theory to the test, check out this short by Brent Chapman....... The Realtor.   I think the part that really kills me about this is that I know agents that are like this... Smile!! It's all in fun...
Nothing beats a cold day like a hot bowl of homemade soup.  And, since it is that time of year again, I dug out an old favorite of mine...Taco Soup.  This recipe is simple and very good! Taco Soup---------------------------------------------1 lb ground chuck (hamburger works) browned1 pkg taco sp...
I'm online a lot. Now, I don't mean I turn on my computer and occasionally check my email or post on Facebook once a week. No...I am online ALL DAY. From the time I arrive at work until I decide it is time to leave, I am online. Roughly 10 hrs a day, give or take. And, one thing I continually see...
If you follow me at know that in just about any given moment, you can find me involved in one conversation or another on Twitter.  Usually more than one...And the day that this conversation occurred is no different.  See, I was talking with my friend Tamara about lead generation and con...
I love being a dad! Quite frankly, there is nothing more soothing than one of my kids cuddling on my lap or giving me a hug; nothing more exciting than seeing them do something for the first time...or the 100th; nothing that makes me feel more loved than their willingness to share their experienc...
Now, before we get into this...lets establish a quick and simple truth: Knowing what NOT to do is just as important when talking about sales as knowing what TO do. (Everyone comfortable with that statement? Ok…moving on…) I started out in my sales career by selling bobbins and quilting notions to...

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