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Let me start of by saying that this is satire. And this should be read with that idea in mind. It is intended to be humorous. Nothing more. Ok? Let me also state that I have posted this before...but, its Friday. Im lazy. As long as we understand one another, you can keep reading... Common Man's D...
Have you trained your brain to shoot yourself in the foot??? Let's start with a little story........ As a young boy, Tan had always heard of stories handed down by his father and his father's father of a magical rock that, when held by someone, would grant them any wish. It was called a 'touch st...
  I have written several blogs in the past about what to say in listing ads/announcements. This is a great reminder to include SCHOOL INFO!   PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN LISTINGS - DO IT!  IT WILL RESULT IN MORE SHOWINGS AND PERHAPS A CONTRACT! SCHOOL INFORMATION IN LISTINGS IS OPTIONAL.  HOWEVER, IF YOU W...
** Disclaimer -- Hard-knock advice contained here. I usually write things with humor, sarcasm, and a certain lilt that most enjoy. This has none of that. Toughen up. This is about as serious as I can get without thinking I need coffee...or a vacation. As one of our Facebook fans recently put it, ...
Yes, I can! (Ha! Bet you didn't know I heard you say "No you cant" before you clicked that link, huh...) Really. I can read your mind. And, I can prove it. Let's do a little exercise.....Get a piece of paper and a pen. Got one? Ok...(Yes, this is going to require your participation. Trust
I have never claimed to be a smart person. I dont specialize in "smart". What I do specialize in is surrounding myself with a miriade of smart people. People whom I consider to be industry leaders. Revolutionaries. People focused on making the people in our industry better...Heck, the entire indu...
I'm hopelessly addicted to Twitter. Hopelessly. Addicted. Aside from the obvious health risks associated with addiction as a whole, I have to admit that one of the reasons I am so addicted is I am following some of the most amazing people there. Some of which are industry-leading mavens including...
So, there I am...sitting in the drive-thru at McDonalds. (Not that important really...everyone reading this has been there more than once, I'm sure. So, you know what I'm talking about.) I pull up to the little speaker and bark out my order from memory (probably a bad sign considering...) and wai...
Ok, so my desk isnt quite this bad....but its a good second place.  So, I figured I would clean it off yesterday during a little down time.... In the midst of throwing away the half eaten bagels and pizza crusts, and countless postit notes with random drivel written on them...I discovered an old...
Social Media in Plain English Now that I am working closely with several people in my local area in teaching businesses the power of social media, I am constantly on the hunt for new, innovative ways to explain why they should be involved in networks like Twitter and Facebook, etc...This is one o...

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