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  A-FREAKING-MEN!!! I dont have much interest in the contest, Bob....but the info prior to that is MONSTEROUS!! :-)   (Bear with me, this post is a little long, but I'm going to bribe you offer you the chance for a reward at the end) The debate over buying leads from lead generation companies is ...
Being the mega-geek that I am, I'm more than willing to jump onto any technological geek-fest that seems like it might be fun to do or a cool way of connecting with other people. Some of them I like...some of them, not so much. But, one of the more recent ones that I am really enjoying lately is ...
  I think this post is DEAD ON accurate.  It is written by Steve Shatsky. I have no dealings with Mr Shatsky other than to see his post on the AR email today...but, I could not agree more!! If you fit this bill, I can help you! Thank you, Steve! Excellent post!   I have seen a number of posts on ...
  Can I get an 'Amen'??                       I just read yet another featured post on Active Rain questioning if social media was a sinkhole for most Realtors... Of course it is!  This is such a tiring debate.   Social media IS a "sinkhole" for most Realtors.  But so are: Open houses Door knocki...
A day in the life of the internet... Created by Online Education
You can use math to prove just about any argument.  And disprove any argument as well. I saw this in a demonstration on symbolic logic when I was in college...and I thought I would share it with you as it has stuck in my head all these many years... MATHEMATICAL PROOF THAT GIRLS ARE EVIL!! We all...
I have been in some form of sales since I was 10 years old working in my mom's craft store selling yarn and bobbins to her quilting and knitting friends. And, since that time, I have always tried to establish myself as a leader in any sales position that I have held...and I also have noticed that...
I wrote a featured post recently about choosing your words carefully when it comes to an agent's tag line and how to make that better. As I was writing that post, I kept thinking to myself.....Well, what about all of these listing ads??  Why not write about them as well?? I see examples all the t...
Reblogging something from THE @HeyAmaretto (aka Diane from the Twitterqueens) because she wrote about something Im very passionate about.....Me! :-) Ok...not me....but using humor to help attract clients! Well....that, and me! :-)Enjoy!!   I had written a post about the value of entertainment in ...
Let's take a quick quiz... Name the companies that use the following tag-lines. 1. The Real Thing2. The King of Beers3. Mmm mmm mmm mmm good4. Good to the last drop Pretty simple stuff, right? Coke is the "real" thing. (After all, Coke was first on the scene in the cola world. So, you can either ...

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