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When will it change again?Funny, a client called me about finding a mobile home and sadly to say, for the first time ever, there were no active listings in that city.  But in the next city, I found 2, minimum price was $275,000. Since when did that happen?  Mobile homes used to be the least expen...
 How to Keep your clients from being stuck in ProbateDid you know that even if your client have a will and testament, they will still have to go through Probate before they can sell the home that was left to them as an inheritance?  Probate could take months and cost a pretty penny. Meanwhile, yo...
Selling Your Services. Is that something that we should do?  Should we tell the clients how great and wonderful and how valuable we are and what we bring to the relationship? Yes, but many don’t because we don’t want to be seen as conceded or pushy.  But we are experts and our field and we should...
Why am I only closing 10% of the clients in my pipeline? Well, that’s the first problem, they are not clients, they are all customers. They don’t become clients until they sign a buyer’s agency or listing agreement. I was spending all of my time running around in circles for them, working for the...
 Just because it’s a seller’s market doesn’t mean that sellers have to stop negotiating.  I recently put in an offer for my buyers and was very disappointed that the listing agent didn’t have any room to negotiate.  He actually put the sellers bottom line as the list price.  He even tried to sell...
During the housing crash, which we are slowly recovering from, one thing that frustrated me the most was that banks were not lending.  I was working hard to stay afloat and get people approved for a loan, but to no avail.  People with good scores were being denied.  I didn’t understand to recentl...
Tahiti Village Timeshare Beatiful condo available.  Recorded in Las Vegas, but usable anywhere.  Only $19,000 Seller Financining avaiable. 
A few months ago, I went on a Realtor affordable homes bus tour and they took us to a neighborhood that had average prices in the 180s.  Gasping to myself, I said, “Since when is this low income?”   My perception of low income families were minimum wage workers and there was no way they would be ...
This government shutdown is not working for our good. Our livelihood is affected by this shutdown. We never considered ourselves as government employees; in fact, far from it.  We can't get unemployment benefits, nor any benefits for that matter if we are not working.  But in a sense, that is wha...
Get a Foreclosure prevention Loan, even if you are unemployed.  View My video for more information.  Couldn't archer it to stay in the frame, so you will have to use your back key to come back.   (Click on this picture)

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