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Silicon Valley Homes for sale, Events Happening in Santa Clara County-San Jose Saratoga Lynbrook High, Cupertino Schools, West San Jose, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Campbell, Palo Alto and Santa Clara by Silicon Valley REALTOR Michelle C. Carr-Crowe and the Get Results Team, DRE #00901962
Enjoy, Download and Share this Free NASA E-Book for National Aviation Day on August 19 For 82 years, August 19 has been celebrated yearly as National Aviation Day.  Franklin D. Roosevelt made the first presidential proclamation to celebrate National Aviation Day on August 19, 1939.  This date was...
It's difficult to believe that people of the past worshipped "goddesses" and prosecuted "witches". Yet here are three tales from history for August 19 documenting both of these beliefs.          295 BC – The first temple honoring Venus, the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility, is dedicat...
For fans of weirdness, here are six odd but true facts from August 18           1587 – Virginia Dare, granddaughter of Governor John White of the Colony of Roanoke, becomes the first English child born in the Americas.           1590 – John White, the governor of the Roanoke Colony, returns from ...
2,400,000 points I just happened to see a big round number on my points tonight. It got me doesn't seem that long ago that reaching 1,000 points let alone 10,000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000 was ever possible. Of course, the best part is the friends and colleagues I've come to know an...
India Independence Day is when India began becoming an entity separate from the prior ruling British raj.  The two newly self-governing countries of India and Pakistan legally came into existence at the stroke of midnight on August 14 and 15 of 1947. While it's been just 74 years, when one counts...
Breathe In 2-3-4 ... Breathe Out 2-3-4 ... Repeat until Relaxed. The goal of Relaxation Day on August 15th is to avoid stress. This includes passing on doing things you may lenjoy but they cause you some anxiety or stress, such as playing a sport. Instead, try lying in bed and reading a a good bo...
Who else remembers back when Creamsicles (orange sherbet mixed with vanilla ice cream) were called 50-50 Bars? On one of the rare times we bought popsicles from the ice cream truck, I remember my Mommy chose a 50-50 Bar.   I can still taste the surprisingly delicious combined contrast of flavors...
Who else has a daughter they love? Pictured here is our precious daughter Marlena with her finacee Dan at a past Dapper Day event at Disneyland. Marlena is lovely and kind and a smart Senior Stylist with Color Street Nail Strips, "Magical Manicures by Marlena". While there is a "Son and Daughter"...
Americans traditionally celebrate Valentine's Day in February, yet Chinese Valentine's Day-and Daughter's Day-is usually in August. The festival known as Qixi is always celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th Lunar cycle, meaning it isn't celebrated on the same day every year. Chinese  Valentine's D...
Who else loves or is a Leftie? August 13 is International Left-handers day. I'm celebrating my husband and eldest child who are both left-handed. It's estimated about 10 percent of the world's population is left-handed. Sadly, even just a few decades back school teachers still "corrected" left-h...

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