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unstaged living room--neat but not staged I have worked with a few clients over the years who had fired their Realtor or were thinking about it when they called me.  Their house was getting next to no traffic and they were frustrated. No one ever expects that their house won't sell when they lis...
So many daffodils are popping up here in Philadelphia and I just adore the cheerful yellow pops of color dotting the yards of my friends and neighbors.  You know that I love the color combination of gray and yellow so much that I made it the image of my brand.I also adore this combination in home...
I am totally putting off my workout this morning–Jillian Michaels, you will just have to wait.  And, I am blowing off my editorial calendar… again!  I hope you’ll indulge me while I reminisce about where my love for all things pretty and the likely start of my Staging career began. I recently had...
I have been working on such fun redesign projects lately and I thought that I’d hop off of my little staging soap box for a moment to show you what I’ve been up to.  I’m using this cool tool called Olioboard to share the concepts with my clients so they can visualize what the plan is before we i...
Good houses don’t sell.  It is a sad, frustrating fact.  I have staged houses that were in that circumstance–great houses, no sale (until we staged!).  What I have found is that there are typically two things at play. Houses that don’t sell often have an issue with price or presentation. I tell a...
I just stumbled across a great blog from Interior Designer, Christine Fife, which totally resonated with me.  I found myself acting like a little kid sneaking a book under the blankets as I tried to hide the light from my iPad while my husband loudly quietly snored away beside me.  I think what c...
Do you remember the Seinfeld episode with the “close talker”?  Ever been in that situation?  If you have, you know how important space is to how you feel in a social situation.  Did you know that the same thing applies to how you arrange your furniture?  Could your sofa possibly be making a poten...
Aaahh, the old bake cookies advice for open houses and showings...that was so last century, right?  Well, according to some compelling marketing research...maybe not!  I recently read a blog post at about the importance of having a scent logo and it really caught my ...
When you decide to list your house for sale, you need to immediately begin thinking about how your house is going to appear in your online listing and for your in-person showings.  This means putting in some work before you take your listing photos.  This is old hat to successful sellers, but for...
Don't Apologize for Offering Staging! I have been so fortunate to hear from Realtors all around the country that they whole heartedly believe in the value of Staging.  The sticking point is how to bring up that conversation.  I have offered a few blogs about how to do just that, but at  a certain...

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