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A Virtual Assistants Responsibility Many of the agents I speak to are unclear what a virtual assistant can perform for them and what the difference is when a VA says they are a PREVA or a REVA or a VA. I would like to help clear this up.
Here at REVStaffing, our professional real estate virtual assistants write a lot of blogs for a lot of clients in (and associated with) the real estate industry. We work hard to stay on the technological cutting edge, keeping everything that bears your name fresh and timely. You may say, “I pull ...
 Last time, REVStaffing talked about the ways in which we unwittingly allow email to gobble up valuable time throughout the work day. We cited the subtle ways in which this can happen, and discussed the Email Charter as a possible solution to this ever-growing problem.  Today, we're offering the ...
  For REVStaffing's virtual assistants, and for our clients, working online has endless advantages. There's one clear disadvantage, though, and that's the ever-growing number of emails glutting our in-boxes! We all spend hours each week writing emails, and our recipients spend even more time read...
Summer is in full swing, and many of our REVStaffing virtual assistants – and our clients – have sent their kids off to enjoy the summer camp experience. Last Thursday, several of our VAs attended their own version of summer camp at the Social Media Advocate's Social Media Marketing (SMM) Camp. T...
Someone who's never heard of Facebook? Is that even possible? Well, of course it's possible. But, let's “face” it; Facebook is hugely popular. According to USAToday, as of this month there are over 750 million active Facebook users. Here at REVStaffing, we know that there's no denying two facts: ...
  We've all heard the old saying: Sometimes, less is more. Today, REVStaffing is posting our all-time shortest blog in the form of a gigantic “THANK YOU” to Sandy Harper, a Celebration, Florida broker (@SandySellsHomes) who mentioned us on Twitter! It's a given that the best publicity is word-of-...
  Remember the feeling you had the last time you bought a brand new car? The excitement you felt was pretty overwhelming, right? You called your friends, drove around town, and generally wanted everyone you knew to share your great feelings. REVStaffing knows exactly how that feels! We've got a n...
Congratulations! You've made the decision to work more effectively by utilizing the REVStaffing team of professional real estate virtual assistants, and we're very excited for you! Before you take off to enjoy the long holiday weekend, let's talk for just a moment about what you can immediately e...
  We frequently ask REVStaffing's clients to complete short satisfaction surveys, in order to constantly and consistently improve the quality of products and services we offer. If you're still mulling over the idea of working with our crew of professional virtual assistants, consider these points...
  At REVStaffing, we know that being organized is critical before adding staff. Think hard about the tasks you’ll delegate, and give your time-management system an appraising look. Then ask yourself these questions (courtesy of Realtor® magazine): How much do you buy into the old adage, “If you w...


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