Turned Down for a Mortgage? Read This before ReapplyingTurned down for a mortgage? You’re not alone. Many borrowers are finding it difficult to navigate lending requirements and reapply for a loan to buy a home, despite significant improvement in the housing market.If your mortgage application w...
Are you looking for the best cake in town?  If you have been to Red Ribbon, you know what I mean.   As a family that loves to eat cake and other pastries, every time we have an occasion or any special gathering, we always buy our cake from Red Ribbon in Moreno Valley.   About 3 miles away from w...
Do you like to listen to audio books in your car?  Ever since I heard Brian Tracy's advice to turn your car to be a  "University on Wheels" and Zig Ziglar says "Automoblie University," I hardly listen to music and news anymore. One of my favorite audio book is High Performance Selling by Don Huts...
As I was reading a lot of blogs lately, a question came to my mind; "What is a blog?"  Are we on the same page here?   Are we here for the same purpose?  I know there's a lot of good stories in blogging where we can get business from.  I think they are good.  I am just wondering if some of us her...
Have you ever attended a two day seminar in a Casino Hotel?   I did.  Today I was at Pechanga Casino Hotel at Temecula City, California for a Saturday and Sunday training.  It is a great seminar in a great location and the idea is to have fun tonight after the seminar.   But I am on the 30 post i...
What makes story flow?  For me, inspiration makes me write something and this inspiration guides me to come back to the same thought wherever my story goes.  Do you ever start writing not knowing where your story will go?  Perhaps you don't know how to end it, maybe it's because you are not guide...
I'm on my third week of my 30 post in 30 days challenge.  I read that there is another challenge ending on Sept. 22.  If you haven't known anything about this contest yet, click this link- Fall Season of Change Contest.   Looks like there's going to be a lot of participants on this one. I want to...
Recently, I posted a blog about re-blog and I mentioned that I read re-blogs especially when it comes from one of my subscriptions. I subscribed to a lot of members, but how did I become your blog subscriber? One thing for sure, it's not by accident.  A lot of good reasons why I became your subsc...
  I hear this all the time,  "do not re-invent the wheel." I love going fishing. I remembered when I first started fishing- deep sea; other people (anglers) on the boat kept catching fish.  I mean continuously, and dude they were just a feet away from me! We were too close to each other that our ...
After Facebook, LinkedIn and Active Rain, I finally signed-up with twitter more than a month ago. Then I asked myself, Ok, what's next? How can I have followers? I tried to follow hundreds of people and see what will happen... After a few days, less than 10% followed me back, still a good return ...

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