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Enjoy our tips and ideas on how to create a successful referrals-based business using a real estate CRM. Keeping in touch, building relationships, generating new leads, and staying organized and in control - we cover it all, and more! The blog posts are written by myself and other members of the IXACT Contact team.
As a real estate agent, you know how critical it is to have new leads coming in on a regular basis. But it’s important not to get hung up on quantity over quality. A thousand new leads that aren’t really interested in working with you aren’t nearly as valuable as 10 who are. So how do you find mo...
As a real estate agent, you are always on your phone. Answering calls, replying to emails and then all of your other time gets occupied by social media. If you have Instagram already, we have compiled a list of a few top real estate accounts to follow today. Whether you are looking for inspiratio...
Putting yourself out there as a real estate agent isn’t always an easy thing to do. Combine that with being new in the field and not knowing what direction to take, it can pretty overwhelming. The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer in how you can market yourself. There is no manual, as s...
Let’s face it, if you want to sell a house, visuals are key. Having vibrant, inviting and attractive photos of the homes you are trying to sell is paramount. The point is, you cannot overlook the idea of having a visually stunning photo of the property. Based on the an article by The Close, featu...
Take this fun quiz to see how well you’re doing at staying organized and managing your time effectively. It’ll take less than 30 seconds to complete. Jot down either true or false for each question and at the end of the quiz,  I follow a daily calendar and task list.     T/F I use drip marketing ...
A real estate agent has the potential to grow their business into a successful business, but they have to be strategic.Here are ten essential things every Agent needs to do to ensure they have a successful business.After reading these tips, you will be able to take away some key tips and have you...
Competition is fierce. Turnover is high. Agent recruiting isn’t as easy as it used to be. Investing in CRM that not only supports your agents’ success, but also your recruiting efforts is key.IXACT Recruiter is thrilled to bring you a webinar that will be the first of its kind. Next Tuesday, join...
Like many others, prior to the new year, you compile a list of resolutions, or goals you will work to accomplish once the clock hits twelve. Unfortunately, many of those new year’s resolutions fade away. Goals like hitting the gym a few times a week, eating healthier, saving money and become less...
You’ve heard it from your colleagues, other fellow real estate agents and even we have preached about it time and time again; a real estate-focused CRM is key to taking that next step in growing your real estate business. But what happens after you have taken that next step and crossed it off you...
It may or may not come as a surprise to you that marketing automation is on the rise nowadays, especially when it comes to marketing your own business, specifically your real estate business. In fact, Marketo has reported  that 44% of companies that implement marketing automation see a return on ...

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