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Ever lose a file that you hadn't backed up? That can ruin your day.  I had been using an external hard drive to back up my computers, but it was manual and I would often go for weeks without doing it. Then my friend, Jeff Rudluff with Online Performance Marketing, clued me into Syncplicity.  I ch...
Why should I be thankful?  I just lost 40% or more of my 401k and have no prospects of retiring before my kids reach retirement age.  I really don't want to open the envelope when the statement comes in the mail at the end of this month. I'd like to replace some of the furniture in my house and t...
Thank God I'm in Texas.  Texas is certainly taking some hits while the economy in the US as a whole is suffering.  It is certainly not hurting to the same extent.  DFW is the 4th largest metro in the US, but it created 83,600 new jobs in 2007 (3rd in the nation) and 54,300 from September 2007 to ...
The following is an article sent to me by a friend.  It was written by Roy H. Williams. the Wizard of Ads.  You can find him on the web at  This article clearly explains why "expensive rent is the cheapest advertising your money can buy." "Follow the Sound of Bulldozersand th...
Today I was looking on a popular business networking site when I saw the following question posted: “I will pay $35 for an appointment with a CEO, small biz owner, or investor interested in real estate purchases and investments. We have a client willing to pay $35 per appointment with ANY large c...
I just finished reading an article by Jim Gillespie, a commercial real estate coach, in which he discusses peak oil and its impact on the commercial real estate business.   But first of all, what does Peak Oil mean?  Jim describes it this way.  “When oil fields are new, and petroleum is beginning...
  You signed a lease for an office for your company a few years ago, but it will expire in a couple of months. You really want to either move or at least do a market study to be sure that you get a fair deal if you stay and renew.  There is other vacant space in the building so you are sure your ...
I recently saw an email from a guy in Knoxville, Tennessee asking about how to market an office building for lease which hadn't been built yet.  He had received a lot of advice about how he should canvass all the businesses in the area, mail flyers to the businesses, and generally waste his time ...
  Estoppel.  Sounds like a medical condition you don't want to talk about in polite company.  Or something you'd need a medicated cream to clear up.  Think of the embarrassment of checking out at the grocery store when the cashier gives you that knowing smirk. But an estoppel is really nothing to...

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