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With financing hitting one of it's hardest times smaller builders have found themselves over leveraged and holding too many properties.  Some have turned these into rental properties, some have given up and are losing the half completed homes to the bank and yet others are buying all the homes th...
Once again the growth management act has created headaches for the retail industry especially large end users in need of general commercial zoning or similar.  Due to the state legislation of the growth management act many parcels have changed zoning to include high density corridor designations ...
Well for the last three years I had lived in a 1200 SF home, one of my real estate agent friends took a picture of my house and placed it in a Homes and Land Catalog hoping to drum up more calls due to the attractiveness of our neighborhood and home.  Well, immediately homes and land placed our h...
Okay well things have changed a bit since last posting an update on my active listings so I want to make sure I put as much information in here as I possibly can. 2225 Cooper Pt. Rd - Total of 12.75 acres with 5.3 acres developable.  Difficult jurisdiction and setbacks on the site make it a bit c...
Is there anyone out there that can help me with financing.  We are having extreme trouble finding financing for a fantastic McMansion that my clients just can't live without.Please help us figure out how to put this package together.  I can tell you it won't be easy but I think if we can find a w...
Too many projects, very motivated and will consider all offers. Total of approximately 300 acres, currently split into 14 tax parcels. 240 acres zoned 1 per 20 acres and the remaining 60 is 1 per 5. Septic approvals in place for 11 of the parcels with the remaining 3 being transferred into the 1 ...
Due to the state of the market I think it would be safe to say that many of us have evaluated our current status as realtors.  I've spoken to veterans, newer agents and those working around the market and all of them have been dissatisfied with one or more aspects of their current status.Hey ME T...
Due to the flooding  throughout Washington State, the IRS has updated their 1031 exchange deadlines for qualified candidates.Please see the information on the IRS website for more information, here is a portion of those affected by the flooding in Washington.  Other areas also are candidates for ...
As we move to a more litigious society and people are suing everyone for anything does it hurt to take some precautions?  Of course everyone agrees the answer to this is NO, of course not.  We will mitigate our risk however we can if it doesn't cost alot of money.As investors to multifamily or co...
Often I am asked about how my job as a COMMERCIAL agent differs from associates in the residential world of real estate.  Generally speaking they don't mean the lending structures, the business aspect and/or any of the nitty gritty details of each deal.  People want to know, what do I do differen...

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