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For idea number two let's stay on business cards.  Business cards, even the most jazzed up business cards are very inexpensive.  There is so much competition between business card producers that you can always find a deal.  To that extent, many professionals do not take the importance of business...
I am always looking for ways to stay top of mind with my current clients.  A member of my BNI chapter, Crossroads Connections in Delmar, NY, mentioned something he does with every client.  This gentleman buys business card magnets from Office Max or Staples, attaches his business card and places ...
This is an announcement for all Capital Region Networkers.  Is it difficult for you to hit the early morning networking scene because of work or family obligations? Do you love networking but just can't pull your rear-end out of bed in the morning? Are you looking for a networking venue outside o...
Water and Sump Pump Backup is an endorsement to the Homeowners Policy that is often forgot about by first time home buyers.  A homeowners insurance policy in its basic form will not cover water that is backed up through a drain, toilet, etc.  If you own a Sump Pump and it fails or is over-loaded,...
You just bought your first home. What an amazingly rewarding and expensive day. During closing you dealt with a tornado of professionals, Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, Banker, Real Estate Attorney and you somehow found time to sit down with an Insurance Broker to obtain Homeowners Insurance...

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