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 It is reality that income property owners want to pay the least amount possible on insurance.  This is a very obvious statement since insurance premiums directly effect the bottom line an income property produces.  However, there are many pitfalls associated with the pursuit of lower premiums,  ...
 As I stare out my window and watch seven to twelve inches of white cover the greater Capital Region (Albany, NY), I begin to think about Debris Removal.  After the 75 mph gusts we had yesterday there will be a significant number of trees, branches, bushes, and shrubs scattered, fallen and broken...
An important feature of every Homeowners (and Renters) insurance policy is the Personal Property Limit.  Labeled as Coverage C on your homeowners policy, this limit defines the amount of coverage you will have for all your "stuff" in the event of a loss.  "Stuff" includes clothes, toys, furniture...
A part of the Holiday Season that many home buyers are not aware of is that most agencies as well as insurance carriers themselves are on Holiday hours.  This yearly ritual of paid vacation on the surface would not seem to have any impact on the purchase of a home or rental property and honestly ...
I see ever situation for the insurance exposures present.  And the Capital Regions recent winter weather, including heavy ice storms and snow, has reinforced an idea I pitch to all my real estate contacts.  Falling trees and branches reek havoc on homes and appurtenant structures every winter in ...
From first-time-home-buyers to seasoned investors, there is a common misconception that the amount a building is purchased for is the same amount that building should be insured for.  Though instinctively this may seem the proper course of action, I will explain how under insuring a home, dwellin...

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