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RECENT BLOG POSTS reported a large amount of Vulture Real Estate Investors are scooping up the short sales and foreclosures.  In years past, these investors would buy and flip.  Now they are buying and renting the properties for large sums that provide a steady stream of income.  With the LOW interest...
What listings do you walk away from?  With the price of advertising and keeping my clients updated weekly on activity, I am looking seriously at what listings I accept and which ones I don't.  There is stiff competition today and homes that are not maintained do not stand out in the crowd.  At th...
On our local news channel at 11:00 PM, they have "The Pot Hole Patrol" that is notified of pot holes that have gone unrepaired for a long time - even years.  They in turn notify local officials, who as you may guess, get immediately on the repair work.  Wouldn't it be nice if everything in life w...
I hear more and more Real Estate Agents are hanging up their lockbox keys and giving up on this profession.  Not me!  I am changing my marketing approach, becoming more internet savey and definitely thinking outside the box. There are still houses to be sold, perhaps fewer clients.  I believe tho...
There appears to be tons of lookers these days.  Many though, I would call tire kickers!  Trying to get them off the fence and purchase tends to make us all work harder for that commission check.  But that is all part of the job and you have to admit, this is one great job.  I count my blessings ...
I was reminded last night what a GREAT country we live in when I attend the Army Jazz Band concert.  If you were to travel around the world and get a chance to witness first hand how others live, you would realize the best country to live in is America.  The freedoms we have are not matched by an...
I recently visited a house that was going into foreclosure.  Boy was I happy that I carried a flashlight in my vehicle.  All the power was turned off (of course) and it was pretty dark downstairs, not to mention creepy!  Without a flashlight I wouldn't have been able to look at several rooms.  So...
I had an opportunity to take my husband to West Palm Beach, Florida, to see the Barrett-Jackson Auto Show this year.  It was on his "Bucket List". I have watched this show with him for several years and have been impressed or rather SHOCKED with the price that these cars bring at auction.  Being ...
Before you show a foreclosure or short sale to a client, you might want to prepare them for what they may see.  They may be attracted to the potential opportunity of purchasing a house at a reduced price however, they may not be expecting in some cases, utter chaos in the process they must go thr...
I was thinking today why I love this job so much and realized that it comes down to one primary thing.  PEOPLE INTERACTION.  The joy I get from meeting such diverse individuals is the best part of selling real estate. I hate doing the same thing over and over again.  My in-laws next door neighbor...

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