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We who live in the South take snow seriously.  The day before the snow is forecasted, schools begin to make plans to close down and the local grocery stores are jammed with people buying out milk and bread.  In our house, my husband wants to make sure he has beer! Yesterday it started snowing abo...
Yesterday, Agent Caravan Day in our community, it was apparent that the weather kept many agents from venturing out into the cold.  I had clients coming back to look at more homes later in the evening, so I only had 3 hours of "warm time" inside my house before it was time to go back outside. The...
As an avid reader, I stumbled across an article in the December 25-January 8th, 2010 edition of "The Week" magazine.  It dealt with "icons of the new housing market".  As reported by Les Christie of, spending on remodeling jumped 8.7% between September and October." In my area, build...
During the past two weeks, I have had two individuals tell me they have been advised to purchase gold versus real estate or invest in the stock market.  According to their advisers, gold is expected over the next several years to go to over $6000 an ounce!!!  What do you think?
As this year comes to a close, I reflect back on the past decade to look at some things that have changed my life.  Perhaps you have a few to add yourself. AGING:  Today is my 59th birthday and I must say that thanks to all the marketing done by the cosmetic and fashion industry, I am really only...
  I enjoy every now and then writing poems.  At least I have been doing it the last 39 years for my husband and our daughter.  So today I share with you, one that reflects the optimism we all should have in our profession.  Twas the day after Christmas and all through the land Realtors were makin...
I was reading today and this headline jumped out at me..."New home sales unexpectedly sink 11% in November".  The word "unexpectedly" seemed strange.  If anyone is staying on top of this industry they would know that builders are suffering hard at this time.  I personally know severa...
If you haven't noticed in 2009, the process of home appraisals has changed.  In January 2009, the new Home Valuation Code of Conduct went into effect.  Now I may not be the only one who confesses to not know the particulars of this Code of Conduct, but I have certainly seen first hand how it may ...
Thank you everyone who have sent back some great responses to my blog on what 2010 holds in Real Estate.  There are so many passionate and positive real estate agents in the US!!!  God bless you all.
I confess, I am an avid reader.  That may be a good passion of mine, however, at times it can be negative.  Let me explain.  Recently I was reading in the December 21, 2009 edition of Fortune magazine about housing price predictions for 2010 and which areas were expected to recover sooner.  There...

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