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Rockland Home Staging is a great site to see how we can stage your home to sell it quicker and for more money. Rockland Home Staging is the best staging company in Rockland County NY. Home Staging, Home Stager, Rockland County NY, Rockland County, New York, Realtor, Real Estate, FSBO, Curb Appeal,
The Staging Prince is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of its homeowners’ consulting business — preparing and presenting homes for sale in the lower Hudson Valley.  Based in Rockland County, The Staging Prince’s goal is to maximize the homeowners’ equity on sale.The Staging Prince is also pl...
I tell clients all the time that clutter eats equity. The best way to illustrate my point is with a simple before and after photo: If clutter is keeping buyers from seeing the potential in your home call Rockland Home Staging today. We can help you weed through the clutter and get your home sold....
This is an extreme close up of an item you've probably all seen.  Can you figure it out?So help me out here and hazard a guess.  I think it might be too easy. 
Sometimes transforming a room is as simple as adding a coat of paint $50, Replacing the lighting $50 and decluttering $0. You don't need a ton of artwork, accessories and distractions. Staging is about showcasing the space, the floors, windows and architectural details. In the after pictures belo...
You be the judge: Exterior Front Before:                                                                        Exterior Front After   Here is a close up of the garden: The after photo does not even do the landscaping justice. There is a lovely Japanese Red Maple and a Weeping Cherry tree along w...
Sometimes home staging is just a matter of rearranging the furniture to make the space appear larger and more aesthetically pleasing.  Rockland Home Staging recently did a consultation with the owner of a one bedroom condo. The unit was overpowered by the large entertainment center and bulky furn...
Many of the homes in Rockland County NY were built in the late 1960's and early 1970's and have not been updated since. Thes homes are often characterized by dark paneling, velvet couches, matching custom window treatments and brass fixtures. While these furnishings may have been perfect for the...
Have you guys heard of You Publish.com? It is a way to share any files, eBooks, movies, pictures or any type of file you can think of.   It is kind of like eBay for files.  Youpublish just came out with a Group Feature.  It makes it easier for people to share information. Stagers can post article...
I was just reading Todd Clark's blog where home buyers did not want to purchase the home because it had granite counter tops.  The buyer said that granite can give off radon.  At first I thought it was one of those urban legends or an exaggerated tale that happens one in a million, but the dange...
I recently went into a home where an agent had given the homeowners some Home Staging tips. She told the clients to take everything off the kitchen counters leaving them bare. She suggested painting the house a nice neutral white and using spray to neutralize the odor in the home. Sometimes a li...

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