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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Rice Prprty Mgmnt & Rlty, LLC, South Holland, IL - 481.010183
Happenings in the South Suburban Illinois & Northwest Indiana areas
If you know of a homeowner who has or will be foreclosed on, please invite them to apply for one of our rental homes!  We WELCOME them with open arms.  If YOU are such a one....  you are an EXCELLENT candidate and we'd be honored to assist you in your recovery!  We applaud you in your numerous at...
A call may start off like this.. We have many buyers and investors seeking to purchase new homes in the area that you cover..... yada yada yada.....   OR You have a GREAT website, but many qualified buyers are not able to locate you because even though you are visable on ACTIVE RAIN, you are not ...
TWO BEDROOMS  $750.00 - 13914 Dearborn - Riverdale, IL   $850.00 - 9926 Van Vlissingen - Chicago, IL$900.00 - 748 Greenbay - Calumet City, IL THREE BEDROOMS$1100 - 17052 Lorenz - Lansing, IL<----- 3 bed/2 bath Condo$1100 - 1457 E 71st Place - Chicago, IL$1300 - 3618 177th Street - Lansing, IL$125...
A contributor of extraordinary distinction and an outstanding supporter resides amongst us in the Rain!  Although often overlooked and misunderstood, this true professional in the field of Property Management  brings an abundance of hearty experience and education to the Active Rain audience.  We...
TENANTS!!!!  YOU are the purpose we are in the rental business, for without YOU, (the renter), there would be no need for property managers and/or property management companies.  There are many reasons that occupants RENT instead of buying..... NO established credit history - or credit challenged...
This is being written to help encourage BELIEVERS.  Come on now, saints.... God PROMISED you'd have tribulations upon this earth!!  However, He also gave you a SURE WORD you can count on.... be of GOOD CHEER, for He has overcome the world!!  Just WHERE did you hide your faith?  Go pick it back up...
Stumbled upon a CNN featured clip of one of Clark Howard's shows about rent prices.  In the feature he introduces the "RENTOMETER" which analyzes rent prices according to the area.  Submit inquiry as either as a tenant or landlord, show the address, City, State, amount of rent, and apartment size...
The Pitch: (Pictures of the house they posted that was taken by be and scraped from my website) MY RESPONSE: On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 6:55 AM, Diane Rice wrote: Interested in the house!  When can we see it? THEIR REPLY: REGARDING MY HOUSE‏ From:  Ellen Fu (ellenfu1960@gmail.com) Sent: Tue 6/09/09 1...
Many are facing challenges never met before, including me.  It's a shaking that is intensely felt, and affects every move taken.  If we are not watchful, we will resort to rehearsing our fears and accenting despair and hopelessness.  These testing times are sobering.  We walk them out with humili...
85% of the property we manage for others are owned by investors from a different state, so it did not surprise us when someone from the East Coast contacted the office yesterday requesting property management.  We went through the usual preliminary questioning.... How did you hear of us? What typ...

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