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W.o.W. Go to, look up 'CHARMING' and expect to see a photo of this cabin! Charming in every way!From the color scheme to the decor of the home...sold furnished! What you see is what you get, with a few exceptions. It's beautiful drive up to the Cabin where you can sit on the back dec...
I would love some insight and feedback here.   Why does RESPA require the SELLER's costs on the BUYER's good faith estimate?   And is the appraiser now a sacred cow? Do you think the lender ordering the appraiser is going to fix market frenzy?     What do YOU think?  I am trying to NOT have a kne...
If you haven't heard, FHA is tightening its guidelines for obtaining an FHA home loan.   The upfront mortage insurance is increasing from 1.75% to 2.25%.  Not only that, the amount a seller can pay to contribute to the buyer's expenses is being REDUCED from 6% to 3%.    The moves are designed to ...
According to data from Data Quick, OC's Median Home Price is at it's highest point in well over a year. If you are thinking about buying here in the Southland, now is better than later...get off the fence while rates are still low...these conditions won't last forever and if you are a first time ...
I mean really, I haven't. Ask my buyer clients.  Did I "sell" them anything?  I don't think so.   I just helped them to buy what they wanted to buy. Does that make me a bad Realtor/Broker/Agent/guy?I don't think so.I gave them the tools to make an informed decision and they did.  I don't think I ...
Well, I think Columbus' visit to our neck of the woods worthy of remembrance.  In 1492Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue.... And he discovered the land in which and of which we make our living by helping others buy and sell pieces of it. Do you think Chris had any idea of what was to come?  Think abo...
Why would anyone offer this nice reward to first time home buyers and then put the finish line right after Thanksgiving? I think Thanksgiving is being disrespected here...! Thanksgiving is my favorite of our fall/winter holidays.  It's a time of goodwill, family, and fruits of your ...
“The ‘Catch’ to a Short Sale”   A novella by   Richard Gayle   Forward:  This story is for the prospective buyer of a property being sold as a short sale.  This is not for the prospective seller, although there is nothing I wish to keep secret from a prospective short sale seller.  It’s just that...
I have been thinking about this for some time...I don't suppose for a second that I've got it all figured out, but I feel I need to get it out there NOW... Instead of foreclosing on so many homes, why can't lenders "think outside the box?" Here's my suggestion...when there is a family in trouble,...
I represent a buyer who was pre-approved for a CALFHA $0 down loan!  6% .  And with a seller concession of 3%, she can get into a home with $0 out of pocket! Is this one of those evil, sub-prime loans that going to exponentially jack up her payment in a year or two resulting in another foreclosu...

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