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In our busy lives some things that we really want to do occasionally fall by the wayside, this is sometimes simply the reality. Unfortunately this was the case with my participation in the Bloggers Unite initiative yesterday in recognition of World AIDS Day. Though this post comes a day late I fe...
Did the title hook you? It refers to the beautiful, vivacious, and seemingly innocent Chris Fisher!!! She is actually quite a clever woman who, by her own admission is not Magellan but may be Dr. Doolittle, and apparently has some sort of shoe fetish and Draconian fashion rules. Oh yeah, you Dani...
I, like many of you, have watched with hopeful optimism as the news of the Emergency Stabilization Act of 2008 or any number of the bailouts have been approved by Congress to help stimulate the economy. Please understand there is a distinct difference between being optimistic about what is being ...
Last Friday I was quite remiss in my promise to post a blog highlighting some of the great writers I have come across in the greater blogosphere. In honor of all the eating that I hope everyone did yesterday I wanted to highligh a couple of great cooking / recipe blogs that I frequent. Maybe thes...
In addition to the University of Tennessee, the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, and the Ijams Nature Center, Knoxville is home to several animal rescue organizations. In this post, I want to highlight the good work that the volunteers do at the Wolf Creek Weimaraner Rescue, Inc. This organizati...
Today I was tagged by Danny Thornton for a Meme of sorts. While I really enjoy writing, I find Meme's a bit taxing as I prefer to divulge aspects of my personality through metaphor and story. Knowing that, I am happy to say that I have always played along when I am tagged; have you? Needless to s...
Here in Knoxville the cold began to set in this weekend. You can smell that familiar smoke of fireplaces coming alive to help take the chill out of the air and warm homes. When the chill comes, you know that the holidays are not far behind. Most of the cold comes overnight with gusting winds chil...
The last thing that I really want to do on a Saturday or Sunday morning is wake up with the sun. Well this past Saturday that is exactly what I did. I awoke a 6:45 AM! The dog thought I had lost my mind and refused to get out of bed. Did I mention that Saturday was the first really cold day, ushe...

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