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As the cooler weather arrives, or has arrived in much of the country our minds naturally turn to flu vaccines and other natural remedies to ward off those wintertime illnesses. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is the primary arm of the Department of Health and Human Services in achieving fo...
If you are a regualr reader, or an occassional reader, of any of my blogs, I am sure you already know that I am a huge sports fan. Like most sports fans, I have my favorite sports and sports teams. For example, I cheer for the Braves until the last game of the season, which ended much too early t...
Last week in a post, I mentioned a concept that has been floating around the internet for quite sometime, Wordless Wednesday. The basic premise is that as pictures have the ability to speak for themselves. They can draw emotions from joy to sadness and awe to outrage. There could be any number of...
  Last week my business partner, Danny Thornton wrote a teaser post that hinted at something we have been working on for quite awhile. Active Rain is and will continue to be a great networking and marketing tool for our business. It is not however our only presence on the web. For some time now, ...
This is the second in what I hope will become a regular series that should come out each Friday. Yes, I do realize it is Saturday but I have been very busy but will try to keep to a regular Friday release for this series. Now on with the show, wait did a mouse say that...maybe not the best line t...
Many of you may already be aware that in the greater blogosphere there is a wildly popular movement among bloggers around the world called Wordless Wednesday. The idea behind Wordless Wednesday is to pose one photo that requires no commentary as a blog on its own. If you actually google Wordless...
This Saturday, the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama rolls into Knoxville to face the University of Tennessee Volunteers. In my honest opinion, this is the premier rivalry in the SEC. From the heartbreaking Volunteer loss to Alabama (27-7) on October 20, 1962 at the dedication game of Ne...
Do you remember when you were a kid how much fun it was to pick out your pumpkin for Halloween? I remember we would start seeing them scattered around the produce section of the grocery store in early September. I always wanted one right then, though this never happened. I learned as I got older ...
For those of you who don't like the celebratory posts, you should probably find another post to read. Here are a few that might be more intersting, Speaking Up - Your Right & Responsibility and the follow up My Congressman Listened! My take on celebratory posts is that they are important mileston...

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