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For you as the Agent, the best script is one that gets you the listing and gets the listing sold. Cheryl is an Agent in Portland. She has been in the business for over 20 years, consistently selling over $10,000,000 and over 40 homes per year. She called me, crying. Fighting back tears she said, ...
By Rich Levin, Founder of Real Estate Grad School Inc. Sean was a Real Estate Agent in Albany, New York. He was successful, earning a six-figure income until he blew up his life with drugs and alcohol. That led to his divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and limited custody of their 3 children. He h...
When you can’t build a business, you build relationships.When business is tough because of COVID-19, the Coronavirus, you want to work on building relationships. Those who follow the following recommendations will emerge from this crisis busier and more successful.I have been through three eras w...
Carol CriedWhen we started to work together Carol cried every time that we had a coaching call. She was struggling despite making a decent income in Real Estate in addition to the modest salary that her husband earned as a manager of an auto parts store. Four young adult children with tuitions, t...
  Many Real Estate Agents struggle to increase listings. They are constantly looking for leads and see few results from the leads that they do have. So how do you increase your listings? Do something that works for you! Find a method of getting listings that is easiest for you and that works. If ...
Check out our 1st Fifteen for how to add 2-6 more sales this year. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to view our Monday 1st Fifteen videos free every week!    
Top 9 Tips on Pricing Homes to Sell Check out our top 9 Tips and Truths on Pricing Homes to sell: 1. Take the time to make an accurate price that you are confident with. The best way to set an accurate price for a house is to make yourself an expert in the area. Study the neighborhood and take no...
How can you create sales in December? December, in general, is the slowest time for real estate agents. Most people are not looking to buy or sell their homes in the midst of the holiday season. This time of year normally is not taken advantage of by many real estate agents, when, in reality, Dec...
If you follow us through Facebook or our newsletter, you may have noticed the launch of our #EverythingBuyers challenge!We’ll be posting challenges to our Facebook page with the hashtag #EverythingBuyers–so head over there if you want to get your challenge.You can also see them, along with Rich’s...
If you’ve been following along on our 1st Fifteens this month, you know that February is “Everything Listings.” We’ve been talking about prospecting, Listing presentations, price reduction conversations, and much more. If you feel like there’s an area that you still need work on, I want you to st...

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