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Come see a terrific luxury rambler home by appointment on Union Hill, Redmond.  Every once in a while a home with loads of style comes available, you know, the kind of home that people remember with a customer design you haven't seen before?  This home makes a distinctive impression up there on U...
If you haven't already discovered Belle Pastry on Old Main Street in downtown Bellevue, then add it to your list of Bellevue's favorite places.   You will love it as if you discovered it the last time you went to Paris.  Belle Pastry is a busy place on weekend mornings, but they do have ample sea...
I was going to do a new piece on this very topic, but today is my birthday and when I saw Kristine's blog I couldn't have written a better article myself so she gets the credit but my client's get the benefit of her wisdom.  This is on point, so she's speaking the truth here and we should take he...
"You won't know you've seen the bottom until you've missed it".  That's what we have been telling homebuyers for the last few years.  People come into open houses and tell us they are "waiting for prices to go lower, prices haven't bottomed yet".  They said the same thing about interest rates, un...
Housing Market Report 2010: Westchester Heights Redmond, WA on Novelty Hill  The Westchester Heights neighborhood in Redmond, WA is one of Novelty Hill’s most sought after neighborhoods, bordering Redmond Ridge to its west.  This makes it highly convenient to the nearby QFC Food Center and the sh...
2010 Vuecrest Bellevue, WA neighborhood home values stayed pretty even with 2009 sales…while Vuecrest home sales (units sold) increased dramatically, indicating a strong emerging trend. The transaction count in Bellevue's Vuecrest neighborhood increased 90% to 19 closed sales (with a backlog of ...
Lochleven is one of Bellevue's best neighborhoods, unpretentious, and overlooking Meydenbauer Bay. 2010 Lochleven Bellevue, WA neighborhood home values mirror the 2009 market…there are positive signs that home values are holding robustly steady going into 2011.  The transaction count in Bellevue'...
This argument has been widely circulated but the point is so well taken that we Realtors need to keep hammering the message home. It is impossible to time the market and win, if you happen to do so, you will only know after the fact, and chances are it was just plain lucky timing.  Thank you Alex...
Lochleven is one of West Bellevue’s distinctly popular neighborhoods due to its proximity to downtown and three of Bellevue’s best parks, starting with the wildly popular Bellevue Downtown Park, Meydenbauer Park, and Clyde Beach Park, all within reasonable walking distance for Lochleven’s homeown...
Zillow, Seattle's own online national real estate website and the new pundit in town, declared Dec 9th in a headline released to the Puget Sound Business Journal that Seattle homes lost $25 billion in value in 2010. Not to worry Seattle residents, they go on to assure us "That's not as bad as 200...

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