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Real Estate Broker/Owner - CastNet Realty - TREC#263257
Introducing the beautiful Texas Coastal Bend and offering my Real Estate expertise for buyers and sellers. "When you think Real Estate, think Ricki Eichler" Thirty plus years experience, residential and commercial real estate, homes, land,ranches,live water, waterfront homes, vacation homes, businesses for sale, retirees and senior relocation



I just read Sussie Sutton's blog  "Look Before You Pay" and it reminded me of something that happened today. Paying attention and studying a situation can save you lots of money. In Sussie's blog, her friend could have saved himself lots of money if he had researched the property he intended to b...
Say  Congratulations  Ricki!     Congratulations!   This blog will take me to over 200,000 points! I rarely look at points even though I appreciate them.  I believe blogging is about communicating ideas, sharing information and building relationships.  Points are just a way to see if you are bein...
Guess I'm feeling silly tonight.  I told my husband I couldn't get anyone to email me, so I needed to write a blog post. So, here it is.  A Lonely Heart's Letter. There she sat quietly upon the chair looking out the window.  Her gaze was straight ahead, her eyes rarely even blinked.  Her breathin...
The Power of Teamwork can never be emphasized enough in your organization.  The strength of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Individually we can accomplish a lot but when two or more are united, their strength is increased. The power of unity, the power of teamwork is underestimat...
Yes, I am a crocodile according to Stefan Swanepoel's quiz taken from his new book "Surviving Your Serengeti".  I've been called "Tricki Ricki", so I suppose a crocodile is not that far off.  Now, let's explain this! In business and in life, there are certain traits that help us to survive and to...
Going round    and going round     and going round     and back around again. Our office has had someone sick every week this whole fall and winter. I don't know what it would be like to go a whole week and have everyone well and working.  We have had to substitute agents for showings, for listin...
Have you heard that old saying "Seven days without _________ makes one weak?" I can't remember what went in the blank space but I want to say "Seven Days Without Active Rain Makes One Weak!"  You have to keep filling your mind with good thoughts, more information, good ideas, conversing with frie...
How Much Is Too Much?  I'm talking about real estate information for our potential buyers.  Isn't our advertising enough?  Isn't IDX searches enough?  Aren't our websites doing enough?  Don't you have telephones at the office, in your pocket, in your car, isn't email everywhere?  And texting?  HO...
I have a cute New Listing that is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow that has recently been remodeled.   It is a "Full Circle" home.  The original hardwood floors look great and the kitchen and bath have tile.  The tile in the shower was just redone and the bathroom fixtures were all updated. The utili...
I'm tired of seeing ice and snow on TV and in person.  I'm tired of feeling cold winds on my face and blistering my hands.  I don't like the sound of the howling wind.  I don't like holding the door firmly so it doesn't fly out of my hand when I'm coming or going.  I feel sorry for my friends fur...

Ricki Eichler McCallum

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