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Real Estate Broker/Owner - CastNet Realty - TREC#263257
Introducing the beautiful Texas Coastal Bend and offering my Real Estate expertise for buyers and sellers. "When you think Real Estate, think Ricki Eichler" Thirty plus years experience, residential and commercial real estate, homes, land,ranches,live water, waterfront homes, vacation homes, businesses for sale, retirees and senior relocation
If you were in the right place, at the right time, would you?   This is a real question.  How will you answer this question?  Of course, it all depends upon what we are talking about at any given time, doesn't it? Or does it really? Think about it after you have initially answered the question. ...
        Get carried away... With Thanksgiving approaching rapidly and Christmas just around the corner, I began to think about gift giving.  I even opened my recipe box and began looking at old recipes I had not prepared for a long time.  I found some goodie recipes I can even bake and send in th...
Refrigerator Soup is what I am calling my newest recipe.  A few days ago, I had a vegetable tray that had leftovers.  Today I made omelets for breakfast and there was a considerable amount of leftover sausage, onions, and mushrooms.  I try not to waste anything, so into a pot of water go the vegg...
It's a cold day in...You finish the sentence.   :) Is it cold where you are?  The weatherman says most of the United States is under severe weather with records cold temperatures and snow or heavy thunderstorms and tornadoes.  Very bad weather for November!  Winter is not even supposed to be here...
Life is special.                               Life is wonderful. Sometimes, it can be difficult though, like when we are dealing with an unhappy client or a rebellious child or just everything seems to go wrong in a day's time. The difficulties in life help us to grow into stronger and hopefully...
How many agents take the time to go preview properties?  Our office takes a tour every week of the new listings.  I always go and see the new homes.  It is not time wasted but time invested! There is so much more to a home than pictures or visual tours can show.  It is so much better to see the h...
                                             CastNet Realty                                                         is a reality!                                                                        THIS HAS BEEN IN THE PLANNING STAGES FOR SOME TIME NOW.   I have opened a new office in the Texa...
Want to control someone?  Control yourself!   How simple is this?  Simple?  NO, this is the hardest thing in the world to do.  Even the Bible talks about a person being able to control their own spirit.  If you can do this, you have the world at your fingertips. Everything you want can be yours, ...
This weekend is the 26th annual Hummer Festival held in Rockport, TX.  Everyone loves these cute little birds that come in a variety of colors.  They can keep you entertained for hours watching them fight over the hummingbird feeder or gracefully flying from one flower to the next. I spend hours ...
Do you like meatloaf?  Most people do, I think.  I do not make it very often as the recipe will feed quite a few people, so I make it when I have company.  Which was the case tonight and we feasted.  It was very good.  A great comfort food when you are not counting calories and you really want th...

Ricki Eichler McCallum

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