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Real Estate Broker/Owner - CastNet Realty - TREC#263257
Introducing the beautiful Texas Coastal Bend and offering my Real Estate expertise for buyers and sellers. "When you think Real Estate, think Ricki Eichler" Thirty plus years experience, residential and commercial real estate, homes, land,ranches,live water, waterfront homes, vacation homes, businesses for sale, retirees and senior relocation
This Flu season is rampant in 49 states currently.  I have been paying attention to the news and watching how healthy people are succumbing to the deadly virus.  A healthy Mother of three and a weight lifter and teenagers and others you would not expect have died from the flu.  It is something to...
Did you go out on New year's Eve?  Did you celebrate the incoming year?  Or were you celebrating the outgoing year?  Many people are glad when a year is over and they look forward to the new year being better.  Is that you?Sometimes, a year can be filled with so many good things, we hate to see i...
I love all kinds of fowers and plants but in December, it is always thrilling to watch the Christmas Cactus bloom.I usually always have at least one Christmas Cactus in my house.  These plants are so easy to take care of and they produce an abundance of blooms every Christmas.  Sometimes, they ev...
Coming home, the snow covers the driveway, the lights lead the way.  It is quiet and still.  Dusk is here and the sun has retreated below the horizon.All is quiet.  No one in sight.  My tires leave ruts in the fresh fallen snow.  There is the slight crunch as I turn into the circle.  Snow piles u...
Autumn is such a beautiful season of the year. I have always enjoyed watching the changing colors of leaves during Fall.  From one day to the next the same leaf can undergo major changes.  If it remains on the tree long enough, it can go from green to red or gold to orange or brown.  There are lo...
Our Board of Realtors and the MLS has recentlly made some changes and one of those changes, stands out in my mind especially important.  That is the Listing Status Change. Our new rule says that if a listing has a status change, it must be reported within 2 business days.  If it is a closed listi...
"Are We There Yet?"  How many times have your children uttered those words to you while you were driving down the road?  Those are the words I hear in my head when I think of the changes I have undertaken this year. Time passes so very quickly and especially the older you get, the faster it seems...
I did it!  I have re-opened CastNet Realty.  I have been considering retiring for a while.  So, I have left RE/MAX Associates and re-opened my own brokerage again, CastNet Realty.  I will be taking a long vacation and only working deals for family and friends.  Real estate is something I will alw...
Today was a rainy, windy day with cooler than normal temperatures and I decided to do what I've been wanting to do for a while.  I sat at my computer and looked up things I've been needing to research for a while.  Isn't the computer wonderful for research?Most times, I am complaining about the c...
I was just talking to my neighbor and she was saying how astounded she was at the different points of view of some of our neighbors concerning our Property Owners Association.  I am sure if you have ever attended a POA meeting, you have probably thought the same thing.  Bickering, argueing and so...

Ricki Eichler McCallum

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