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Michigan Mortgage Rates are some of the lowest rates that we have had in years. One bank has a one year ARM that is under 4%. That is an amazing number, but the biggest problem with a loan like that is you will incur 2 sets of closing costs within 1 year. This could offset any amount of savings. ...
I just looked at rates for the day and they are brutal. Yes!!! You read that correctly. I'll say it again for those of you who don't believe me. "Michigan Mortgage Rates are BRUTAL today!!!"To receive your BRUTAL Michigan Mortgage Rate Quote just fill out the form, and we can tell you how bad you...
Rate watching is becoming a real common trend with people anymore today, but one thing I will advise people is to proceed with caution when looking to refi, because it is not going to be the easiest thing to do in Michigan. This is in large part because of the housing market being so bad. The ban...
It looks as though the ARM is going to be taking over again now that everyone has been getting the urge to get back into a fixed rate. This is amazing how mortgage rates work. Not that long ago fixed mortgage rates were the way to go, but as of late it has moved to the other end of the stick. Wit...
This is just one of the 227 Milford Michigan homes for sale. This is an absolutely stunning home, but this is just one of many. With there being 227 Milford Michigan homes for sale I am sure that one of the Milford Michigan homes for sale is the one that you are looking for. To look at Milford Mi...
   This is one of the 229 homes for sale in South Lyon, MI. This is a beautifully constructed home that was completed in 2007. The building market has been taking a major blow due to the economy and the vast number of foreclosures.    Due to there being 229 homes for sale in South Lyon, MI I woul...
   Novi Condominiums have some of the most breathtaking views. It's not often that you get that up-north feel when you are in Novi, because of being right in the heart of a major city. Island Lake Novi Condominiums is one of the newer condominium subs, but it is selling out at a rapid pace. There...
Currently there are 204 Howell Condominiums for sale. Howell Condominiums are located fairly close to all of the amenities that Howell has to offer. These Howell Condominiums vary in size, type, location, and obviously in price. Howell Condominiums subdivisions that are currently represented on t...
The spring season hasn't hit just yet, but there are still a few woodland lake homes for sale. There are only 7 woodland lake homes for sale as of right now, but as we near that spring season and warmer weather we will start to see a large increase in woodland lake homes for sale. The weather and...
   Due to the economic problems that are across the U.S. we here in Michigan have a huge number of foreclosures. Let's narrow that down a little to strictly the Howell Foreclosures. Currently there are 46 Howell Foreclosures.    The large number of Howell Foreclosures has prompted a number of buy...

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